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The Daily Dose: Maryland Confronts COVID-19


An evening roundup of WYPR's latest reporting on Maryland's COVID-19 response, a summary of essential state and local updates, and a forum for locals who want to share stories about everyday life in the era of Coronavirus.  Let your voice be heard on the podcast! Leave a voicemail with your thoughts, questions, and insights about life in the Coronavirus era at 410-235-6060.
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The Daily Dose 9-28-20

18 hours ago

If you’ve applied for a mail-ballot, time to check your mailbox. And there’s some help on the way for working parents of school-age children.

The Daily Dose 9-25-20

Sep 25, 2020

Baltimore County Executive Johnny O sounds off on communication problems with the governor. Nursing home inspectors aren’t required to be tested for COVID-19. And there’s more heated debate on day 3 of the MD Senate Police Reform hearings.

The Daily Dose 9-24-20

Sep 24, 2020

The governor's former chief of staff is called to testify on a self-dealing scandal. Police reform hearings continue in the MD Senate. Baltimore students call on Comcast to close the city’s digital divide. And in Baltimore County, teachers are anxious about their upcoming return to the classroom.

The Daily Dose 9-23-20

Sep 23, 2020

Emotions run high as Maryland Senate hearings on police reform continue. Studies show that recovering from COVID-19 can leave some patients with long-term heart damage, a medical expert will explain why. And as the city’s budget strains under this pandemic, Baltimore will sever a lucrative contract tied to the city’s disgraced ex-mayor.

The Daily Dose 9-22-20

Sep 22, 2020

Baltimore City Council heard more than 30 new bills at its most recent meeting, including labor bills to protect the right-of-return of laid-off employees. And the debate over police reform in Maryland takes front and center in a marathon three day hearing in the State Senate.

The Daily Dose 9-21-20

Sep 21, 2020

The Baltimore County teachers’ union pushes back against a call to return to classrooms in October. Meanwhile, virtual instruction poses a unique challenge for art and music teachers. And Governor Hogan encourages Marylanders to go out to eat, as indoor dining capacities expand to 75 percent.

The Daily Dose 9-18-20

Sep 18, 2020

There’s an outbreak of COVID-19 at University of Maryland College Park. 30,000 Marylanders are still waiting for their unemployment claims to be processed. A new bill could provide job security for Baltimore hospitality workers. And critics buck at Baltimore County Schools' decision to send students back to classrooms.

The Daily Dose 9-17-20

Sep 17, 2020

Baltimore County Public Schools announces the date for a return to in-person classes. Anne Arundel County tries to stave off evictions. Activists demand lawmakers return to Annapolis for a special legislative session. Union leaders say the safety of support staff at Maryland’s colleges and universities is not being considered. And a local expert in the field of global health research explains just where we are in the race to a vaccine.

The Daily Dose 9-16-20

Sep 16, 2020

Baltimore County’s virtual return to school has been a technologically bumpy road, and now the district looks at the next challenge – planning an eventual return to the classroom. Plus, Baltimore’s Department of Public Works tries to explain why trash continues to pile up in the city.

The Daily Dose 9-15-20

Sep 15, 2020

The list of early voting and polling centers for Baltimore has been approved. Special education students are straining under the challenge of virtual learning. And how do you have a productive conversation with someone who doesn't take the threat of COVID-19 seriously?

The Daily Dose 9-14-20

Sep 14, 2020

With less than two months to go before Election Day, the company printing Maryland’s ballots has bailed. And Baltimore housing advocates and landlords say a moratorium on rent won’t stave off mass eviction cases.

The Daily Dose 9-11-20

Sep 11, 2020

Maryland cuts hazard pay for thousands of essential workers. And local concert venues struggle to outlast the pandemic.

The Daily Dose 9-10-20

Sep 10, 2020

The MTA says it will have to slash its budget, and bus routes, in 2021. Governor Hogan announces more 250,000 new rapid test kits for COVID-19. And Baltimore County prepares for an expected half of its voters to cast their ballots by mail.

The Daily Dose 9-9-20

Sep 9, 2020

Data shows Maryland eviction cases have been on the rise since 2005. The University of Maryland College Park’s new president prepares to shift to in-person learning. And Capital Gazette staffers protest their owner’s decision to shut down their newsroom.

The Daily Dose 9-8-20

Sep 8, 2020

The virtual schoolyear has officially started in Maryland. Baltimore County has suffered more unemployment than anywhere else in the state. And a federal moratorium on evictions gives renters a reprieve for the rest of 2020.

The Daily Dose 9-4-20

Sep 4, 2020
U.S. Navy (CC BY 2.0)

As we head into Labor Day weekend, Maryland is now in phase three of Governor Hogan’s COVID-19 reopening plan. But what businesses and venues are open and how many people are allowed to gather depends on where you live. And the CDC said this week that they expect a vaccine to be distributed to medical professionals by the first half of November, but will it be safe? And how will it coincide with the start of flu season?

The Daily Dose 9-2-20

Sep 2, 2020

The details on Phase 3 of Maryland’s Roadmap to Recovery, the latest on eviction moratoriums, nationally and locally, and a conversation with the president of Baltimore’s Coppin State University, one of the few colleges in Maryland welcoming students back to campus.

The Daily Dose 9-1-20

Sep 1, 2020
Rachel Baye/WYPR

Governor Hogan says Maryland is ready for Phase 3 of reopening. The Maryland State Board of Education backs off its deadline for schools to increase live online instruction time. Baltimore County offers increased pay to lure more needed election judges. And a healthcare workers’ union rep talks about the need for safe and fair working conditions during the pandemic.

The Daily Dose 8-31-20

Aug 31, 2020

A last-minute recommendation from the State Board of Ed would increase online instruction time for students this fall, and the CDC now says if you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus but you’re not symptomatic, you don’t need to get tested. We’ll talk through the logic - and the politics - of that revision.

The Daily Dose 8-28-20

Aug 28, 2020

Tensions run high at a police reform meeting between lawmakers and law enforcement. Governor Hogan’s call for a swift return to in-person learning catches districts off-guard. The city suspends recycling collection. And preparations for mail-in ballots have begun in what is shaping up to be a fraught election process.

The Daily Dose 8-27-20

Aug 27, 2020
Wikimedia Commons

Governor Hogan says Maryland schools need to come up with a plan to bring children back into classrooms. And the Baltimore City Council has an emotional debate over a bill to rename the Columbus monument to honor victims of police brutality.

The Daily Dose 8-26-20

Aug 26, 2020

Advocates demand answers about the mayor’s firing of Baltimore’s Housing Commissioner. Towson University is the latest college to about-face on in-person classes. Plus, controversy continues around a six- figure exit package given to a state employee who left to work for Governor Hogan.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Fear of COVID-19 means Baltimore County schools will not send needed aides to special ed students during remote learning. Teachers at Baltimore City Catholic schools are afraid to return to their classrooms. And small, independent music and arts venues in Baltimore City are struggling financially as the pandemic keeps crowds from gathering. 

The Daily Dose 8-24-20

Aug 24, 2020

Prolonged social isolation can take a toll on a child’s emotional well-being. A psychologist from the National Center for School Mental Health talks about the warning signs. Plus, a new report points out racial biases in the field of neuroscience research.

The Daily Dose 8-21-20

Aug 21, 2020
Amazon Fulfillment

As unemployment swells, there are some local industries eager to hire. With an influx of visitors, Baltimore County parks are suffering from litter and parking problems. And if you’re wondering what it’s like to fly during a pandemic, we’ve got a first-hand account for you.

The Daily Dose 8-20-20

Aug 20, 2020

The top headlines of the day, plus an update on Baltimore’s beleaguered Department of Public Works. And while most schools in the state are going with remote learning this fall, a small private academy in rural Maryland has opened its doors for a full return to classroom instruction. We check in to hear how it’s going, one week in.

The Daily Dose 8-19-20

Aug 19, 2020
John Lee / WYPR

College campuses are adjusting to remote and hybrid learning , but what effect is the change having on the mental health of their students? And the BMA is finding a way to bring the beauty of art outside, and on-line.

The Daily Dose 8-18-20

Aug 18, 2020
AP PHOTO/Steve Ruark

Maryland’s Democratic delegation turns up the heat on the new Postmaster General over delayed mail ahead of the November election. And the City Council heard preliminary financing plans for redeveloping one of Baltimore’s oldest public housing complexes.

The Daily Dose 8-17-20

Aug 17, 2020
John Lee / WYPR

Maryland leaders take a stand against the US Postmaster General’s gutting of the mail system. Dr. Leana Wen talks through the pros and cons of a new, quick-turnaround COVID-19 test. And if you want to get on the campus of the Community College of Baltimore County, you’ll have to pass a test first: a screening for the virus.

The Daily Dose 8-14-20

Aug 14, 2020

One of the world’s preeminent vaccine experts is right here in Baltimore, and she joins us to answer the question: How close are we to developing a COVID-19 vaccine? Plus, a noteworthy coronavirus recovery story: The Baltimore County Health Officer says he’s back on his feet after a bout with the virus.