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The Daily Dose: Maryland Confronts COVID-19


An evening roundup of WYPR's latest reporting on Maryland's COVID-19 response, a summary of essential state and local updates, and a forum for locals who want to share stories about everyday life in the era of Coronavirus.  Let your voice be heard on the podcast! Leave a voicemail with your thoughts, questions, and insights about life in the Coronavirus era at 410-235-6060.
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The Daily Dose 2-25-21

13 hours ago

A bill to help low-income immigrants access relief aid is making its way through the Maryland House of Delegates. Advocates say students are being denied access to their school-based health centers via tele-health. And The Baltimore City Council  hears from opponents of facial recognition technology as it considers a bill to alter or ban its use by city agencies.

The Daily Dose 2-24-21

Feb 24, 2021

Governor Hogan gives an update on Maryland’s improving COVID-19 metrics, efforts to identify new variants of the virus, and the state’s slow but steady progress with vaccine distribution. Plus, the contentious debate over term limits continues in the Baltimore County Council.

The Daily Dose 2-22-21

Feb 22, 2021

State lawmakers strike down bills that would give Baltimore County’s Inspector General oversight of the county’s school system. Baltimore’s top officials urge vigilance and patience during the wait for a Covid-19 vaccine. Frustration mounts among Marylanders trying to get a shot, but for the lucky ones... mixed emotions.

The Daily Dose 2-19-21

Feb 19, 2021

The top headlines of the day, plus a conversation with a Loyola University Maryland immunologist about the latest developments in COVID virus variants, a new vaccine trial with pregnant women, and the health and safety implications of an imminent return to classrooms across Maryland.

The Daily Dose 2-18-21

Feb 18, 2021

State lawmakers debate whether to extend an anti-poverty tax measure to immigrants. Maryland Republicans unveil bills to bolster local businesses. Baltimore’s mayor announces funding for the city’s struggling hotels. And marijuana legalization gains momentum in the Maryland General Assembly.

The Daily Dose 2-17-21

Feb 17, 2021

Baltimore’s mayor is ready to loosen the reins on several citywide COVID-19 restrictions. And what’s driving the racial disparity in vaccination rates? Dr. Jinlene Chan of the Maryland Health Department and Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby address the mismatch between vaccine hesitancy and vaccine access.

The Daily Dose 2-16-21

Feb 16, 2021

Governor Hogan signs a $1.1 billion pandemic relief package. Comptroller Franchot promises to send payments to recipients by the end of the week. State senators demand equitable vaccine distribution. Baltimore's mayor wants to pay big bucks to the city's next DPW head. And state lawmakers consider a bill to ban hate symbols at public schools.

The Daily Dose 2-12-21

Feb 12, 2021

Governor Larry Hogan defends his administration's COVID-19 vaccine distribution. The Maryland Senate overrides a myriad of Hogan’s vetoes, including a bill that increases taxes on tobacco and digital ads. The NAACP calls a push to give Baltimore County’s executive and council more control over school spending racist. And a conversation about the life and legacy of the late Lucille Clifton, Maryland’s former Poet Laureate, who passed away eleven years ago this weekend.

The Daily Dose 2-11-21

Feb 11, 2021

The governor promises a million free COVID-19 tests and unlimited PPE to Maryland schools. Plus, a look at the range of health and human services available through the 211 Maryland United Way helpline.

The Daily Dose 2-10-21

Feb 10, 2021

Baltimore County Schools race to secure more PPE ahead of a return to classrooms next month. Maryland lawmakers edge closer to approving significant bills vetoed by Governor Hogan last year. And Baltimore City Council hears testimony on bills aimed at providing protection to low-income renters.

The Daily Dose 2-9-21

Feb 9, 2021

Frustrations simmer over Maryland’s slow vaccine rollout. The Maryland House of Delegates overrides numerous Hogan vetoes, including his veto of a massive education spending bill. And the Baltimore City Council considers bills on boosting pay for gig workers and postponing the annual tax sale.

The Daily Dose 2-8-21

Feb 8, 2021

Baltimore’s mayor wants a vaccine maker to sell directly to the city. The head of the Maryland Hospital Association says the delay in second doses has been resolved, sort of. And a pediatric specialist looks at the timeline for when there might be a COVID-19 vaccination for kids.

The Daily Dose 2-2-21

Feb 2, 2021

Baltimore County students and staff will head back to classrooms next month. Advocates for low income students score a victory against Comcast. State data shows Black Marylanders are getting vaccinated at lower rates. Maryland hospitals say they’re not getting enough second doses of Covid-19 vaccine, and state lawmakers want to know why.

The Daily Dose 2-1-21

Feb 1, 2021

Amid snow and frigid temperatures, Baltimore’s mayor tries to get more homeless residents into shelter. And Dr. Leana Wen offers her insights on efforts to mitigate coronavirus spread under the new presidential administration.

The Daily Dose 1-29-21

Jan 29, 2021

The state launches a new campaign to encourage hesitant residents get vaccinated. A local barber is bringing health screeners into barbershops & salons around the city. And a hearing on climate change... that isn’t acrimonious. 

The Daily Dose 1-26-21

Jan 26, 2021

Governor Hogan says Maryland’s vaccine progress is now bottlenecked by limited supply. Vaccine administrators struggle with a hard-to-reach population of homebound residents. Baltimore City Council demands food delivery apps slash fees on restaurant orders. And council members also take up a bill to protect tenants from unjust evictions.

The Daily Dose 1-25-21

Jan 25, 2021

Maryland is testing wastewater for Covid-19 as part of an ambitious project to protect the most at risk populations. And Baltimore County officials say their economic outlook is bright, because of residents who still have good paying jobs.

The Daily Dose 1-22-21

Jan 22, 2021

More details on Governor Hogan’s insistence that Maryland schools offer children the opportunity to return to classrooms by March 1st. And the Maryland Senate pays its respects to late Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr.

The Daily Dose 1-21-21

Jan 21, 2021

Governor Hogan is strongly urging all Maryland schools to make plans for a return to in-person learning in March. New tax structures are again up for debate in the Maryland House of Delegates. And a Baltimore teenager shares a first-hand account of what it took to recover from COVID-19.

The Daily Dose 1-20-21

Jan 20, 2021

Mayor Brandon Scott prepares to lift some Coronavirus restrictions in Baltimore. Baltimore County Public Schools get a mandate on providing vaccinations. And a look at what’s moving some Maryland families closer to the brink of eviction.

The Daily Dose 1-19-21

Jan 19, 2021

The Daily Dose 1-15-21

Jan 15, 2021

Governor Hogan accelerates Maryland’s vaccine rollout plan. The state expands tele-health services for mental and behavioral wellness. Baltimore’s mayor maintains tight Covid-19 restrictions. The State Senate overrides 16 of the governor’s vetoes. And an expert looks into the ethical considerations of vaccine distribution.

The Daily Dose 1-14-21

Jan 14, 2021

Governor Hogan accelerates Phases 1B and 1C of the state's vaccination plan.  The Maryland General Assembly convenes for a session greatly altered by the pandemic. And after technical difficulties, Baltimore City Council reconvenes virtually to consider housing relief legislation.

The Daily Dose 1-13-21

Jan 13, 2021

Baltimore County teachers struggle, at a distance, to help students in crisis. New legislation is proposed to protect tenants and homeowners who are hurt financially by the pandemic.  Addressing Maryland’s bottlenecked unemployment system is also a top priority for state lawmakers who reconvened in Annapolis today.  And curbside recycling is finally back on track in Baltimore.