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2024 Maryland Legislative tracker: What made it through the General Assembly

The Maryland State House pictured in 2024. Photo by Matt Bush/WYPR.
Matt Bush
The Maryland State House pictured in 2024.

The Maryland General Assembly adjourned for the year on April 8th. Below is a selected list of the bills that lawmakers passed during their 90-day session. It will be updated as Governor Wes Moore signs, vetoes, or lets bills become law without his signature. The Governor has until May 28th to make his decisions on what bills he will sign.




SB362 - (takes effect June 1, 2024)


HB253 - Makes several changes to cannabis regulations; adds seeds, seedlings, immature plants, and clones to the definition of what is cannabis; prohibits cannabis advertising by means of event sponsorship unless at least 85% of the audience is reasonably expected to be at least age 21; authorizes a cannabis business to place exterior signage on the premises of the business for the limited purpose of identifying the business to the public (takes effect upon signature of the Governor)

HB272 - Prohibits straw ownership of a cannabis license or registration (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB805 - Prevents local jurisdictions from adopting zoning regulations more restrictive than the state’s regulations for cannabis dispensaries; modifies prohibition on licensed dispensaries operating within 500-feet a pre-existing playground, recreation center, library, public park, or place of worship (takes effect June 1, 2024)


HB147/SB72 - Allows taxpayers to receive refunds for theft of tobacco stamps with appropriate documentation (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB262/SB41 - Increases threshold for certain information that a consumer reporting agency is prohibited from including in a consumer credit report to $150-thousand for credit transactions and life insurance underwriting and $75-thousand for employment determinations (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB452/SB675 - Requires the State Board of Individual Tax Preparers by January 1, 2026, to publish on its website a code of ethics and rules of professional conduct for individual tax preparers; requires the board to notify the Comptroller’s Office of specified actions and alleged violations (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB520/SB461 - Allows complaints filed with the State Real Estate Commission alleging advertising violations to be made anonymously accompanied by documentary or other evidence and not under oath (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB567/SB541 - Maryland Online Privacy Act of 2024; requiring a controller of data to establish a secure and reliable method for a consumer to exercise a right; establishing a timeframe for a controller to respond to and/or comply with a request from a consumer; requiring the controller to notify the consumer in a specified manner if the controller chooses not to take action on a request; requiring a controller to provide a consumer, free of charge, with the information a consumer requests, subject to certain limitations; and requiring a controller to establish a process that a consumer may use to appeal a controller decision (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB603/SB571 - Creates penalties for a “covered entity” that provides an online product reasonably likely to be accessed by children to complete a “data protection impact assessment” of the online product (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB622 - Prohibits a consumer reporting agency from including in a consumer report any record of a criminal proceeding in which the consumer was falsely accused, acquitted, or exonerated; in which a nolle prosequi was entered as to a charge concerning the consumer; or that did not result in a guilty verdict for the consumer (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB882 - Requires a specified sign at all retail service stations to prominently display the credit and debit price if higher than the cash price or the credit and debit price and the cash price for gasoline (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1228 - Exempts non-commercial telephone solicitations for the purpose of public opinion research, including surveys, canvasses, and polls from Maryland spam-calling law (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

SB1 - Creates energy salesperson license for specified persons selling electricity or gas supply agreements: alters regulatory requirements for the marketing and sale of electricity and gas by retail suppliers and utilities (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB539 - Prohibits ticket resellers from selling prospective tickets on secondary ticket exchanges; requires sellers to post total price of tickets - including service fees - on listings; requires a reseller to provide the contact information of the resale ticket purchaser (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB542 - Requires to be listed in a brokerage agreement between real estate broker and client a definite termination date that is effective automatically without notice from the client; the amount of compensation to be paid to the broker described as a percentage of the purchase price, a specific dollar amount, or a combination of both; state whether the broker is authorized to receive some or all of the compensation to be paid to the broker from a person other than the client (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB760 - Gift Card Scams Prevention Act; establishes rules and procedures merchants must follow when selling gift cards in the State; requires a merchant that conducts online sales of gift cards to consumers in the State to register with the Office of the Attorney General as an online seller of gift cards (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB4 - Prohibits institutions of higher learning that receive state funds from using legacy preference in admissions (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB86/SB180 - Requires boards of education and nonpublic schools establish policies for school nurse or other personnel to administer epinephrine injections and bronchodilators (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB92/SB620 - Requires Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to aid incarcerated individuals in accessing federal Pell Grants; requires Department of Labor to set goals and tracking system for the number of incarcerated individuals in education programs (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB108/SB451 - Raises compensation for Baltimore County Board of Education non student members from $7500 to $16500 per year; board chair compensation rises to $17500; student member scholarship raised from $7500 to $10000 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB137 - Gives civil immunity to employees of public and nonpublic schools who while acting in official capacity break up student altercations in ‘reasonable manner’ and not acting ‘negligent, willful, wanton, or intentionally tortious’ (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB291/SB170 - Authorizes local boards of education to post on their website hearing information for the selection of a school site; repeals requirements that information for those hearings be posted physically (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB327/SB69 - Increases size of the Board of Community College Trustees for Anne Arundel County by two members, requires Governor ‘to the extent practicable’ take into effect geographic and ethnic representation when appointing members to the board (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB367/SB527 - Requires community colleges in state to ensure access to contraception at all times (takes effect July 1, 2024) Read more: New bill expands 24/7 contraception access to include community colleges

HB386/SB425 - Allows elementary schools participating in the Maryland Meals for Achievement program to serve breakfast in any broadly accessible part of the school, including from “Grab and Go” carts after the arrival of students to school (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB416 -Prohibits active shooter drills or trainings in schools from including specified activities that may be traumatic for students or school personnel, including loud sounds imitating gun fire or explosions and individuals role-playing as victim or shooter (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB472/SB540 - Creates the School Mapping Data Program to provide funds to produce school mapping data - floor and room layouts, etc - for each public school in the county, including charter schools (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB475 - Establishes the Open-Source Phonics Matching Grant Program to provide matching funds to provide free, open-source phonics learning materials to be used by adults to tutor students (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB495 - Requires meetings of the Baltimore County School Board Nominating Commission that involve interviews of, deliberation about, or action on a candidate for appointment to the county board be open to the public (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB506 - Authorizes Morgan State University to provide sexual harassment training that consists of webinar, computer-based, or online training that contains an evaluation of what is learned (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB515/SB114 - Establishes the Workgroup to Study the Fiscal and Operational Viability of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) for Calvert County Public Schools (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB522 - Requires each local board of education to establish policies to accommodate students who need to participate in telehealth appointments scheduled during the school day (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB539/SB567 - Cameron Carden Act of 2024; requires public institutions to authorize a student to withdraw and reimburse the student for tuition and fees paid for a certain semester under certain circumstances including mental health reasons (takes effect July 1, 2024) Read more: Maryland lawmakers consider bill to reimburse college students on mental health leave

HB541/SB657 - Creates Student Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Educators for Anne Arundel County Public School employees (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB569/SB395 - Public community colleges must consider English as Second Language or English language learner courses as eligible for either world language or humanities electives credit toward a student’s associate degree; requires such courses taken at a public community college to transfer to any institution of higher education in Maryland (takes effect July 1, 2024) Read more: New Maryland bill gives credit to multilingual students for English-learning courses

HB607 - Allows residents who can’t fill out a FAFSA to be eligible for the Maryland Community Promise Scholarship Program (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB678 - Requires four-year public institutions of higher education to conduct targeted recruitment and outreach efforts each year (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB785/SB738 - Freedom To Read Act; prohibits libraries that receive state funding from banning books because of the origin, background, or views of a person who created the material, or partisan or doctrinal disapproval (takes effect upon Governor’s signature) Read more: Maryland bill stops ‘slippery slope’ of censorship by banning book bans

HB811 - Creates Financial Well-Being pilot program at University of Maryland-College Park and Morgan State University (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB821/SB654 - Creates a student support specialist network with specified membership in each public high school in Prince George’s County (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB945/SB771 - Allows an individual seeking an initial teaching certificate meet one of four qualifications: pass a nationally recognized portfolio-based assessment of teaching ability; pass a basic skills assessment; earned a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0; submit documentation satisfactory to the Maryland Department of Education of satisfactory evaluation from a local school system for the completion of a rigorous teacher induction program (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1157/SB937 - Establishes the Grow Your Own Educators Grant Program to provide support to eligible non certified education support professionals interested in teaching who pledge to fulfill a service obligation (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1219 - Requires each public school to develop and implement a cardiac emergency response plan beginning in the 2024-2025 school year (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1386 - Requires each employee of public and nonpublic schools to receive training on the prevention of antisemitism and Islamophobia each year (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB33 - Generally requires local school systems to assist high school students in preparing for admission to registered apprenticeship programs in a manner similar to how they assist students in preparing for admission to postsecondary institutions (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB191 - Allows property tax credits to eligible employees of the Prince George’s County Public School System who purchase a home after relocating to the county (takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB205 - Requires the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House to ensure that one member of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland is a graduate of a historically Black college or university in the state (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB579 - Requires the Maryland Department of Education to report to the General Assembly by December 1, 2024 on a cost estimate for providing free breakfast and lunch to all students in public schools (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB737 - Requires members of the Harford Community College Board live in Harford County for the duration of their term on the board (takes effect June 1, 2024)


HB261- Prevents any wages a person is paid for being an election judge from being deducted from the individual’s unemployment weekly benefit payment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB333 - Requires social media platforms with more than 1-million monthly active users to make reasonable efforts to prevent, detect, and remove accounts and posts that communicate election disinformation in the State and report accounts or posts that communicate election disinformation the State Board of Elections (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB371 - Requires a petitioner for a recount to select the method for conducting the recount from among specified methods; requires a local board of elections to preserve and store certain voter-verifiable paper records together with their corresponding duplicate ballots and in a manual recount count the duplicate ballot after review of the voter-verifiable paper record (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

HB471 - Requires local board of canvassers investigate if it determines there appears to be an error in any of the documents or records produced during an election; authorizes the Board of State Canvassers, to reject a statement by a local board of canvassers that the BSC determines, based on clear and convincing evidence, is inaccurate, and ascertain the accurate election results (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

HB585/SB480 - Prohibits threats of doing harm to election officials or their immediate family members; punishable by up to three years of prison and/or fine of up to $25-hundred (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

HB700 - Requires county employees that serve as election judges during work hours receive leave and compensation; public school students who serve as election judges must receive service-learning hours and compensation (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB1503 - Adds state treasurer to list of officials who can not campaign fundraise during General Assembly sessions (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB271 - Requires each county clerk of the circuit court and each district court administrative clerk report the names and addresses of all individuals convicted of a felony and currently serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment for the conviction, to the state administrator of elections, instead of reporting all individuals convicted of a felony; clarifies incumbent member of a political party central committee who is a candidate for party office can act as a responsible officer of the central committee (takes effect January 1, 2025)


HB52/SB109 - Allows all state employees to take up to 10 days of paid parental bereavement for death of child or for a stillbirth (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB62/SB133 - Extends the timeframe for an investigation to be conducted and a written decision issued to within 60 days after a complaint alleging harassment or discrimination is received from an Executive Branch employee or an applicant for employment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB136 - Prohibits employers from taking or threatening to take adverse action against employees who take specified actions relating to Equal Pay for Equal Work, Maryland Wage and Hour, Workplace Fraud, Prevailing Wage, and Living Wage laws (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB189/SB371 - Homecare Workers Employment Act of 2024; requires each provider agency by September 1, 2025 and annually thereafter to submit a report to the Maryland Department of Labor documenting its average wage rate and highest and lowest wage rates for personal care aides (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB197/SB234 - Exempts federal government workers furloughed during a federal government shutdown from work search requirements to receive unemployment benefits (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB244 - Increases penalties for violations of the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health program to $15,625; a penalty of up to $156,259 can be assessed for willful or repeated violations (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB260/SB192 - Gives collective bargaining rights to state supervisory employees (takes effect (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB385/SB38 - Expands information employers must include on pay stubs to include the amount and purpose of all deductions (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB465 - Establishes penalties for employers who knowingly fail to classify employees under the Workplace Fraud Act and for contractors who knowingly violate the state prevailing wage law of up to 60 days in prison and/or fines up to $5-thousand (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB584/SB476 - Expands occupational disease coverage to firefighters that contract thyroid, colon, or ovarian cancer due to contact with toxic substances encountered while in the line of duty (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB609 - Allows employees of public libraries to seek collective bargaining (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB649/SB525 - Generally requires an employer to disclose specified wage, benefit, and other compensation information in public or internal job postings and to applicants to which the job posting was not made available under Maryland’s Equal Pay For Equal Work Law (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB650/SB511 - Requires the Secretary of Labor to establish a ratio of three apprentices to one journeyperson for each nontraditional trade occupation and for each newly registered occupation (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB702/SB466 - Exempts Minor League baseball players covered by a collective bargaining agreement from Maryland wage and hour laws (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB819/SB628 - Expands the purposes of the Catastrophic Event Account and the Federal Government Shutdown Employee Assistance Loan Fund so that funds may be used to provide financial assistance to federal non-civilian employees in the event of a full or partial federal government shutdown (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB998/SB846 - Requires Maryland Department of Labor to study the effect of ‘ghosting’ - failure of a claimant for unemployment benefits who is scheduled for a job interview to attend the interview or maintain contact with the employer after the interview is scheduled - on the actively seeking work requirement of the unemployment system (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1013 - Authorizes a licensed clinical professional counselor to sign a certificate of illness or disability that is required for a state employee to be paid when the employee uses five or more consecutive workdays of sick leave (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1044 - Generally prohibits the Judicial, Legislative, or Executive Branch of State government from developing or implementing an application or hiring process that uses a GED, high school diploma, college or other higher education degree as a limitation for who can apply for a specified position (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1192 - Removes disqualification for a conviction, active parole, or probation for nonviolent misdemeanors outside of gambling charges within seven years of arrest for video lottery employee licenses applicants who will not work in gaming or security (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1388 - Expands law stating that a noncompete or conflict of interest provision in an employment contract is null and void for an employee that is required to be licensed as a veterinary practitioner technician; applies retroactively to any employment contract or agreement entered into on or before the bill’s effective date (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1526/SB1188 - PORT Act; requiring the Maryland Department of Labor and Department of Commerce to establish temporary relief programs for individuals and certain entities impacted by the shipping closure of the Port of Baltimore; authorizes the Governor to transfer by budget amendment funds from the Revenue Stabilization Account to fund the temporary relief programs (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect upon Governor’s signature) Read more: Maryland PORT Act would give financial relief to businesses, workers impacted by Key Bridge collapse

SB181 - Requires the Governor for fiscal years 2026 through 2028 to include each year in annual budget $1.0 million to be used solely as an operating grant to qualifying nonprofits for the purpose of providing training to formerly incarcerated individuals in automotive repair (takes effect July 1, 2024)


HB1/SB325 - Creates Maryland Paint Stewardship Program to collect, reuse or recycle paint from retailers (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB19/SB207 - Changes name in official documents of northern snakehead to Chesapeake Channa (takes effect October 1, 2024) Read more: Appetizing new name is latest attempt to slow invasive fish in Maryland

HB22/SB178 - Updates State Highway Administration’s pollinator habitat plan to encourage planting and maintain use of pollinator-friendly native plants along state highways (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB159/SB465 - Establishes standards relating to the installation and use of electric vehicle recharging equipment in cooperative housing corporations (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB216/SB206 - Creates specific procedure for governing body of a condominium to grant a lease in excess of one year for the installation and use of leased “clean energy equipment” including that for vehicle recharging, solar energy, and energy storage (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB233- Incorporates climate resilience, environmental justice, and equity measures into the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area Protection Program (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB397/SB570 - Requires power and water utilities to create pilot thermal energy systems (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB449/SB148 - Requiring at least 40% of funding provided under the comprehensive flood management grant program be used for projects located in or directly benefiting underserved or overburdened communities and areas in which over 90% of households are at extreme risk of flooding in the next 30 years (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB857/SB879 - Repeals prohibition on shellfish harvesting between sunset and sunrise by aquaculture leaseholders; shellfish harvesting hours now set by Department of Natural Resources (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB929/SB854 - Requires the Secretary of Agriculture to implement nuisance insects control plans if the county or municipality in which the nuisance insects are located agrees to pay 50% of the costs associated with the project (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB990 - Makes State greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements apply to the production of cement (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB991/SB1074 - Establishes an industrial sludge utilization permit to be issued by Maryland Department of the Environment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1028/SB951 - Requires the Comptroller to adopt regulations for the retail use of electric vehicle supply equipment in the State (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB1101/SB653 - Clean Water Justice Act; allows residents to bring civil action regarding the discharge of pollutants affecting ephemeral streams, intermittent streams, or nontidal wetlands that do not have a continuous surface connection to surface water (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1147 - Prohibits using, supplying, selling, soliciting, or offering for sale in the State playground surfacing materials that contain more than 90 parts per million of lead; PFAS; and more than 20 milligrams per kilogram of PAH (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1153/SB956 - Establishes discharge limit for “PFAS chemicals” in any water, including stormwater, discharged from any “significant industrial user” as 4 parts per trillion (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1256/SB959 - Requires the Public Service Commission to adopt a transition plan to require each electric company to transition each customer to a time-of-use tariff by September 1, 2028 (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1296 - Allows Public Service Commission to reopen offshore wind project bidding proceedings (takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB135 - Creates Workgroup to Study Funding for the Westernport Wastewater Treatment Facility; must produce report with recommendations for Governor and General Assembly by December 1, 2024 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB268 - Eliminates 30 day waiting period the chair of the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area Program must follow before referring enforcement actions to the Maryland Attorney General’s office; expands power of Maryland Attorney General to take actions regarding violations (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes October 1, 2024)

SB303 - Alters definition of shellfish according to Department of Natural Resources to ‘live bivalves and bivalve shells’ from ‘live oysters, seed oysters, oyster shells, live hard-shell clams, live soft-shell clams, and clam shells’ (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB808 - Requires the Maryland Department of Agriculture to ensure anaerobic digestion technology projects are not unduly delayed; MDA, must establish guidance for farmers regarding the development and implementation of anaerobic digestion technology (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB45/SB284 - Authorizes the sale, barter, or exchange of a legally acquired mounted specimen of a game bird, excluding a migratory game bird, or game mammal from a decedent's estate if the specimen is part of the personal property being liquidated or distributed (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB324/SB75 - Increases the threshold monetary amount from $10,000 to $50,000 above which specified transfers by a personal representative, trustee, or conservator to a custodian under the Maryland Uniform Transfers to Minors Act require court authorization (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB325/SB164 - Alters definition of ‘interested person’ in estates and trusts by adding surviving spouse who elects to take elective share; excludes assignees of legatees or heirs or legatees whose interest has been fully adeemed (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB326/SB80 - Limits those who can file an objection to the appointment of a personal representative of an estate of a decedent to interested persons or unpaid claimants (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1258 - Requires register of wills in each county and Baltimore City to maintain a centralized website where all register of wills publish notice such as appointments of a personal representative and/or judicial probate of an estate; appointment of a foreign personal representative and estate information; meetings for distribution of the net estate by the court (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB583/SB475 - Creates the Center For Firearm Violence Prevention in the Maryland Department of Health (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB810 - Prohibits a person from transporting, manufacturing, possessing, selling, transferring, purchasing, receiving or using a switch/auto-sear (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB947- Allows the Office of the Attorney General or person who suffered injury or loss against firearm industry members who violate ‘public nuisance’ provisions (takes effect June 1, 2024) Read more: Key Bridge aid and Pimlico takeover headline final bills passed by Maryland General Assembly


HB23/SB228 - Requires health plans sold through Maryland Health Benefit Exchange include pediatric dental benefits (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect January 1, 2025)

HB30/SB217 - Aligns all Maryland health & insurance laws with the federal No Surprises Act (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB39/SB197 - Homecare Worker Rights Act of 2024; allows Maryland Department of Health to reimburse a residential service agency for personal assistance services only if the services are provided by an individual classified as an employee (takes effect January 1, 2026)

HB42/SB220 - Aligns all state law with federal law banning sale of tobacco to those under 21; allows Maryland Department of Health to reallocate unspent cancer prevention, education, screening, and treatments funds to other counties based on need (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB76/SB18 - Permanently authorizes licensed pharmacists to administer vaccines to those age 5 and older (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

HB84/SB332 - Lochlin’s Law; requires hospitals and urgent care centers to implement sepsis detection protocols (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB96/SB117 - Requires the Maryland Department of Health to include screening for Krabbe leukodystrophy in the State’s Newborn Screening Program (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

HB97/SB723 - Rudy’s Law; prohibits sale and distribution of baby food that contains toxic heavy metals that exceed FDA limits on January 1, 2025; requires manufacturers of baby food beginning January 1, 2025, to test a sample of the final product for each toxic heavy metal before packing individual units for sale or distribution in the State (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB119 - GIFT Act; requires universal syphilis and HIV testing for all pregnant women at the time of delivery; newborn HIV testing when the mother’s HIV status is unknown; inclusion of pregnancy status when reporting an HIV diagnosis; hospital must determine the syphilis serologic status of a mother before discharging the newborn for the purposes of neonatal evaluation and treatment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB127- Establishes a Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis (nPEP) Standing Order Program in the Maryland Department of Health (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB149 - Extends timeframe that prohibits health care providers from destroying a record, laboratory report, or x-ray report about a patient from 5 to 10 years after the report or record is made; in the case of a minor patient extends timeframe from 3 to 10 years after the patient reaches the age of majority (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB153/SB144 - Prohibits health care providers or its representatives from charging a fee for copies of a medical record requested by an attorney representing the patient (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB177 - Requires a hospital, prior to discharge, to provide oral and written instructions to an infant’s parent or legal guardian on how to provide a “safe sleep environment” and avoid shaken baby syndrome including inquiring as to whether the parent or legal guardian is able to provide the infant with a bassinet, crib, or portable crib (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB238/SB244 - Bans vaping on mass transit systems; requires signage stating ‘no smoking or vaping’ in all public areas where both are prohibited (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB358/SB151 - Creates Workgroup on Health And Wellness in Prince George’s County; group must issue report to Governor, General Assembly, Prince George’s County Executive, and Chair of Prince George’s County Council by December 1, 2025 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB378 - Requires individual must have a baccalaureate degree to be licensed as a dietician/nutritionist from the State Board of Dietetic Practice (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB381/SB175 - Requires those applying for an initial or renewal license to practice optometry in Maryland submit to a criminal history check (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB411/SB408 - Requires a licensed healthcare provider when issuing a standing order for an opioid reversal drug to allow an individual to choose any formulation of any opioid reversal drug approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB548/SB1009 - Establishes the Task Force on Responsible Use of Natural Psychedelic Substances; task force must produce report and send to Governor and General Assembly by December 15, 2025 (takes effect July 1, 2024) Read more: Maryland lawmakers consider task force to decriminalize psychedelics

HB676 - Right To Try Act; specifies a manufacturer operating within an eligible facility may provide an “individualized investigational treatment” to an eligible patient without compensation or charge (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB865/SB614 - Requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for orthoses, replacements for orthoses, prostheses, and replacement for prostheses (takes effect January 1, 2025)

HB986/SB594 - Requires study to consider having Medicaid in Maryland cover treatment for obesity including intensive behavioral therapy and bariatric surgery (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1002 - Gives Maryland Attorney General’s Office investigative powers for investigating fraud, waste, and abuse of Maryland Department of Health funds (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1051/SB1059 - Requires a provider who receives reimbursement from Medicaid for obstetric services to complete a prenatal risk assessment form; the “birthing facility” where an infant is born to complete a postpartum infant and maternal referral form and submit the form to the local health department (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1056- Prohibits a “340B manufacturer”, wholesale drug distributor, third-party logistics provider from directly or indirectly denying, restricting, prohibiting, discriminating against, or limiting the acquisition or delivery of a “340B drug” to a pharmacy on behalf of a “covered entity”; a violation is an unfair, abusive, or deceptive trade practice under the Maryland Consumer Protection Act subject to applicable penalties (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1078 - Requires Medicaid to cover remote ultrasound procedures fetal nonstress tests (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1092/SB649 - Requires public safety answering point personnel - like 911 call center operators - receive training on how to give CPR instructions (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1122/SB1000 - Requires a person at least 120 days before making a contractual arrangement for the acquisition of a nursing home, to submit a request for “acquisition” to the Maryland Health Care Commission and provide specified notice to the residents and staff of the nursing home (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1143 - Creates the Maryland Emergency Department Wait Time Reduction Commission; by January 1 each year, the commission must report its findings and recommendations, as specified, to the Governor and the General Assembly. (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1155/SB1071 - Requires each hospital to provide evidence-based interventions that reduce the risk of subsequent harm and fatality following an opioid-related overdose before discharging a patient; possess, dispense, administer, and prescribe medication-assisted treatment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1171/SB944 - Repeals prohibitions against selling or offering for sale a nonlatex condom or contraceptive or contraceptive device by means of a vending machine or other automatic device at specified school sites (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1195 - Elijah’s Law; requires the State Departments of Education and Health jointly develop guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic major food allergens in child care settings (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1229 - Generally requires a retailer that prepares, distributes, sells, or exposes for a sale a food that is represented to be a “kratom product” to disclose on the product label the factual basis on which the representation is made (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1230 - Generally requires a retailer that prepares, distributes, sells, or exposes for sale a food that is represented to be a “tianeptine product” to disclose on the product label the factual basis on which the representation is made (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1259 - Requires insurers to cover follow-up breast examinations and lung cancer screening (takes effect January 1, 2025)

HB1293/SB938 - Requires the Maryland Department of Health to develop and implement a three-year public education campaign on prostate, lung, and breast cancer prevention that targets communities disproportionately impacted by those cancers (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1339/SB778 - Requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for all medically appropriate and necessary hearing aids for an adult covered under a policy; carriers may limit the benefit to $1,400 per hearing aid for each hearing-impaired ear every 36 months (takes effect January 1, 2025)

HB1521 - Requires that families with income above 200% of federal poverty guidelines pay a family contribution for Maryland Children’s Health Program coverage (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

SB59 - Establishes the Maryland Safe Sleep Certification Program to certification standards for child care centers in accordance with “safe sleep best practices”; requires Maryland Department of Health to conduct public awareness campaign regarding safe sleep practices (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB210 - Extends authority of paramedics to administer flu and COVID-19 immunizations until January 1, 2030 (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB975 - Establishes the Reproductive Health Care Clinic Security Grant Program to assist reproductive health care clinics in the State with the costs associated with specified security improvements (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB1006 - Authorizes a hospital to sell debt owed by a patient for hospital services to a governmental unit or entity that is under contract with the unit for the sole purpose of canceling the debt (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

SB1056 - Limits the sale of electronic smoking devices to licensed vape shop vendors; prohibits the display of cigarettes, other tobacco products, or electronic smoking devices unless the products are behind a counter (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB1099 - Expands the purpose of the Public Access Automated External Defibrillator Program to include an initiative to co-locate up to two doses of naloxone with each automated external defibrillator placed in a public building (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB390/SB341 - Changes name of Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis to the Banneker-Douglass-Tubman Museum (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB688/SB616 - Requires Governor beginning in fiscal year 2025 and fiscal years thereafter to include $5-million in budget for the Maryland Historical Trust to provide grants to museums (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB448 - Creates the Commission to Study African American Civil War Soldiers in Maryland with the goal of creating recommendations to fund, design, build, and locate a memorial dedicated to African American Civil War Soldiers in Maryland to be submitted to Governor and General Assembly by December 1, 2024 (takes effect July 1, 2024)


HB7/SB203 - Creates Housing Innovation Pilot Program; allows low or no-interest loans for local housing authorities (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB13/SB199 - Allows a condominium regime to be established on land owned by an affordable housing land trust (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB16 - Requires the State Department of Assessments and Taxation to maintain a website that any person may use to donate to the Homeowner Protection Program; requires local tax collectors to include a separate insert with property tax bills that encourages taxpayers to donate to HPP through the website (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB17/SB274 - Establishes that counties and Baltimore City have a duty to ‘affirmatively further fair housing’ through housing and urban development programs; requires counties and Baltimore City to include assessment of fair housing in comprehensive plans enacted or amended on or after January 1, 2025 (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB66 - Authorizes municipal governments to offer property tax credits to public school employees that live within the boundaries of the school system they work for (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB93/SB162 - Limits a tenant's liability for rent to no more than 2 months after the date on which the tenant vacates a leased premises if a physician, counselor, therapist, or psychologist completes a form specifying the tenant has an intellectual or developmental disability or mental disorder (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB131 - Requires jurisdictions with more than 250-thousand residents to report specified information relating to project permit applications for residential housing developments, and the jurisdiction’s processing of those permits; jurisdictions must make the report publicly available on its website (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB139/SB171 - Requires landlords to accept financial assistance from federal Office of Home Energy Programs for utility costs a tenant is required to pay (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB143/SB46 - Establishes that a contract for the sale of a condominium unit is unenforceable if the contract does not contain specified notices related to the presence of asbestos (takes effect on October 1, 2024)

HB154- Authorizes the State Department of Assessments and Taxation to accept applications for the homeowners’ property tax credit submitted by a homeowner within three years after April 15 of the taxable year for which the credit is sought if the homeowner is enrolled in the Homeowner Protection Program (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB287/SB342 - Excludes the cash value of any qualified retirement savings plan or individual retirement accounts in the definition of assets for purposes of the Renters’ Property Tax Relief Program (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB309/SB15 - Alters procedures for dispute settlements under the Maryland Cooperative Housing Corporation Act; cease and desist demands for alleged violations must specify a time period of at least 15 days to abate the alleged violation without further sanction; governing body of a cooperative housing corporation must send specified notices to a member at the address of record rather than serve the member; a member of a cooperative housing corporation has a right to request a hearing to be held by the governing body; governing body must give a member at least 10 days’ written notice of the time and place of any hearing (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB428/SB370 - Creates the Rental Assistance for Community School Families Program and related fund to provide rental assistance to eligible student households at community schools (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB486/SB125 - Requires the seller of any residential property located within 0.5 miles of a Superfund site to provide a specified addendum to the contract of sale including the identification of the Superfund site that is within 0.5 miles of the property; the definition of a Superfund site under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines; and a notice that within five days after signing and dating the contract the buyer may void the contract and, on recession, receive a full refund of any money paid to the seller (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB538 - Requires local jurisdictions to allow new manufactured homes in zones that allow single-family residential uses; increases densities and uses in specified zoning areas for qualified affordable housing projects; prohibits a jurisdiction from imposing unreasonable limitations or requirements on a qualified affordable housing project; prevents jurisdictions from denying a permit for, or impose unreasonable restrictions on, a State-funded affordable housing project based on an element of an adequate public facilities law (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB599 - Establishes the Maryland Community Investment Corporation to make investments and financial assistance available to low-income communities (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB693/SB481 - Renter’s Rights & Stabilization Act; establishes the Office of Tenants’ Rights; extends the period between granting judgment for possession in favor of a landlord and the execution of the warrant of restitution; establishes a tenant’s right of first refusal when the title to certain residential rental property is transferred;

increases a certain surcharge assessed for summary ejectment, tenant holding over, and specified breach of lease cases to a maximum of $93 per case (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB697/SB1169 - Requires real estate contracts submitted to a party include a statement the buyer has the right to select the buyer’s own title insurance company, settlement company, escrow company or title lawyer (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB709/SB462 - Authorizes a licensed real estate broker to designate themself as the manager of a branch office maintained by the licensed real estate broker (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB765 - Authorizes local governments to grant a property tax credit on real property that is used for specified hotel or residential development projects (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB823- Melanie Nicholle Diaz Fire Safety Act; establishes requirements related to the installation of automatic smoke alarms and notices regarding the lack of automatic sprinkler systems in residential rental high-rise buildings; also modifies existing provisions related to notification appliances for deaf or hard of hearing individuals (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB873/SB704 - Expands eligibility for the Appraisal Gap From Historic Redlining Financial Assistance Program to include individuals who purchase certain qualified property after a qualified project is completed, at an affordable sales price as determined by certain regulations, and as an owner-occupant (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1117 - Generally establishes a landlord is deemed to warrant the rental dwelling fit for human habitation; establishes remedies if a landlord breaches the warranty of habitability; establishes additional remedies if a landlord fails to repair serious and dangerous defects (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB19 - Requires the District Court, within 60 days after the final resolution of a failure to pay rent proceeding that did not result in a judgment of possession, to shield all related court records; prohibits with limited exceptions, a landlord from increasing rent solely because a judgment was entered against a tenant in a failure to pay rent action (takes effect August 1, 2024)

SB283 - Authorizes applicants for the homeowner property tax credits to attest to gross income on an application in lieu of providing an income tax return to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation under certain circumstances (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect June 1, 2024)


HB380/SB374 - Prohibits the State Emergency Medical Services Board from requiring an applicant to provide proof they’re awfully present in the United States or have a Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number as a condition for licensure or certification (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB728/SB705 - Allows undocumented residents to be eligible for coverage through the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange under certain criteria (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB36- Prohibits public adjusters from soliciting business between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.; requires public adjusters give notice to state Insurance Commissioner if they sign a contract within 72 hours of a loss; extends public adjuster contract cancelation period from 3 days to 15 days (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB67/SB229 - Increases maximum civil penalty the Maryland Insurance Commissioner can impose on unauthorized insurer or person doing business in the state to $125-thousand per violation; increases maximum civil penalty for insurance producer or public adjuster who violates the Insurance Article to $5-thousand per violation (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB90/SB230 - Allows employers with 50 or less workers to be represented by specified individuals instead of an attorney at Maryland Insurance Commissioner hearings (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB176/SB149 - Requires towers to notify insurers electronically when a vehicle is towed from a parking lot (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB265/SB336 - Repeals requirement that an individual to take a pre-licensing course and work for at least one year prior to applying for an insurance producer license from the Maryland Insurance Administration (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB561/SB683 - Requires licensed tree experts or businesses that employ them to show and carry proof of workers compensation insurance (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB647 - Establishes regulations for pet insurance by generally adopting the National Association of Insurance Commissioner pet insurance model act (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB738/SB806 - Increases the amount from $50-thousand to $500-thousand that a home improvement contractor or applicant for a home improve contractor license must carry in general liability insurance (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB759/SB996 - Requires advanced practice registered nurses practicing in Maryland to notify patients in writing if the nurse does not maintain professional liability insurance coverage or has let it lapse (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB602 - Prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation under Maryland’s Equal Pay for Equal Work law (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1397 - Alters numerous provisions that prohibit discrimination based on protected characteristics to include sexual orientation and gender identity (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB119 - Expands definition of legally protected health care to include all gender-affirming care that is legal in Maryland (takes effect October 1, 2024) Read more: Maryland lawmakers push to protect healthcare workers providing gender-affirming care


HB204/SB165 - Requires public schools and institutions of higher learning that offer athletic programs to provide specified mental health training to coaches (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB284/SB122 - Requires local boards of education to direct students to the 9-8-8 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline instead of the Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB576/SB453 - Requires counties establish an Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program; allows courts to order individuals to go into program for at least one year following specified court proceedings (takes effect July 1, 2025)

HB933/SB974 - Establishes a State 9-8-8 fee of $.25 per month with a structure and application nearly identical to that of State’s 9-1-1 fee (takes effect October 1, 2024) Read more: Maryland lawmakers pass bill to permanently fund 988 line


HB63/SB6 - Extends local property tax credits to veterans determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that have a nonpermanent service-connected disability that results from blindness or any other disabling cause that was not caused or incurred by misconduct (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB125/SB159 - Authorizes each county’s clerk of the circuit court to keep an electronic record instead of a physical book containing discharge papers for persons who served in the Armed Forces of the United States (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB178/SB55 - Allows the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to issue a special disabled veteran registration plate to an individual who is between 50% and 99%, inclusive, service-connected disabled (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB231/SB275 - Authorizes recipients of a U.S. Department of Defense Next of Kin lapel button to apply for special registration plates, similar to Gold Star recipients (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB408/SB412 - Allows an individual with experience with mental care for veterans or active duty military service members to serve on county mental health advisory committees (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB431/SB411 - Renames the state Department of Veterans Affairs the Department of Veterans and Military Families (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB580/SB477 - Increases the amount of paid leave for uniformed services training or active uniformed services duty in a reserve unit of the armed forces or in the organized militia from 15 to 30 days (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB598/SB413 - Prohibits discrimination based on military status in places of public accommodation, housing, employment, financial transactions, education, insurance, the provision of public utility services, and State personnel actions (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB604/SB478 - Allows employers to create hiring and promotion preference for spouses of active members of U.S Armed Forces (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB715/SB533 - Offers certain complimentary fishing and hunting licenses to veterans the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines are unemployable; exempts those veterans from having to obtain trout stamps (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB773/SB597 - Establishes the Individuals with Disabilities and Service-Disabled Veterans Boating Fund to provide sailing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding opportunities for those groups (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1026/SB707 - Adds members of the U.S. Space Force to state laws that refer to members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Gov. Moore 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1492/SB1042 - Requires each public school that administers the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to notify students and their parents or guardians two weeks before administering the ASVAB of the option to withhold the release of a student’s personal information and ASVAB test scores to military recruiters (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB615 - Designates September 30th as Maryland Veterans Suicide Prevention Day (takes effect July 1, 2024)


HB113/SB42 - Requires minors wear a helmet when riding a horse (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB237/SB302 - Removes buffer zones within which a commercial northern snakehead license holder could not fish with a bow and arrow (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB447/SB440 - Creates state income tax credit for hunting and donating venison to charity (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB497/SB508 - Increases fee for a nonresident sika deer stamp from $25 to $200 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB562/SB507 - Increases annual fee for a special Chesapeake Bay and coastal sport fishing license for nonresident applicants from $50 to $100 (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB613 - Creates recreational oyster license available only for Maryland residents (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB5/SB130 - Creates misdemeanor offense of indecent exposure in the presence of a minor with a penalty of up to five years in prison (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB94/SB187 - Repeals authority of Division of Correction to arrange employment of incarcerated individuals in specified camps, including agricultural work (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB99/SB113 - Prohibits sexual solicitation of a minor with the intent to produce or distribute child sex abuse images with penalties of up to 10 years in prison for first offense and up to 20 years for subsequent offenses (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB115- Jaycee Webster Victims’ Rights Act - requires a commitment unit to include the name and telephone number of the lead victim services employee of the appropriate State’s Attorney’s office given to a victim, victim’s representative, or witness regarding the release from confinement of a sentenced defendant or child respondent (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB195- Creates Purple Alert program for rapid dissemination of information to assist in locating a missing person with cognitive impairment (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB338/SB182 - Requires specified training, audits, and reports related to the use of facial recognition technology and, with specified exceptions, prohibits the introduction of results generated by FRT in a criminal proceeding or a juvenile delinquency proceeding (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB382/SB344 - Exempts professional land surveyors from criminal and common law tort trespassing laws who enter property of another to practice land surveying (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB387/SB643 - Allows public release of surveillance videos showing illegal dumping in Baltimore City (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB404 - Gabriel’s Law; requires a law enforcement agency that receives a “qualified request” for a wellness check of an individual to immediately conduct a wellness check if the individual is located in the law enforcement agency’s jurisdiction or submit a request to the relevant law enforcement agency in the State or another state to conduct a wellness check, if the individual is not located in the law enforcement agency’s jurisdiction (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB458/SB111 - Requires in an electronic or paper court filing, including a charging document, in a criminal or juvenile delinquency case to redact any identifying information that appears unless the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that there is good cause to order otherwise (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB496- Establishes that it is second-degree rape for a person to engage in vaginal intercourse or a sexual act with another person without the consent of the other person with or without the threat of force (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB508/SB550 - Alters the definition of abuse to include labor trafficking for purposes of law governing children in need of assistance cases and child abuse and neglect reporting (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB531 - Repeals the monthly $50 fee assessed by Maryland Parole Commission as a condition of supervision for each individual on parole and supervised by the Division of Parole and Probation (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB544/SB391 - Extends statute of limitations for the crime of sex extortion to five years, stalking to ten years, and removes statute of limitations for revenge porn (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB565/SB36 - Creates Maryland Deaths in Custody Oversight Board within the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention and Policy (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB618/SB380 - Creates Police Recruitment and Retention Workgroup; must produce report and send to Governor and General Assembly by December 30, 2025 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB664/SB575 - Judge Andrew F. Wilkinson Judicial Security Act; establishes Office of Information Privacy in the Administrative Office of the Courts to make requests to not publish personal information of judges (takes effect October 1, 2024) Read more: Suspect in Maryland judge’s killing found dead

HB667 - Establishes that each animal harmed in a violation of a crime against animals is a separately chargeable offense (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB732/SB894 - Gives full power over Baltimore City Police to city of Baltimore (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB801/SB551 - Establishes the Maryland Rules governing discovery in circuit court cases apply to a proceeding to determine eligibility for conditional release or discharge; requires a court and Maryland Department of Health to promptly inform the committed person’s counsel of record when they receive a report that a committed person violated a condition of release or violated conditional release; establishes that a preponderance of the evidence standard applies to an applicant in change of conditional release proceedings; clarifies that a court may extend a conditional release by up to five years and authorizes a court to shorten or terminate the conditional release (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB814/SB744 - Expands the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Services to take cases of children from 10 to 12 for certain offenses; increases probation length for juveniles in certain cases; allows courts to extend probation lengths if the juvenile has missed meetings for unexcused absences; requires written documentation by police of when juveniles are taken into custody (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB960/SB1184 - Repeals the requirement in the city of Frederick for a District Court judge, who tries and commits a vagrant or other offender of a municipal law or ordinance, to assign them to work on the public roads of the county or City of Frederick (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1047- Prohibits the sale or distribution of a self-administered sexual assault evidence collection kit; specifies that evidence indicating the physical evidence of a sexual crime obtained using the specified prohibited materials is not admissible in a criminal or civil proceeding (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1127/SB950 - Makes sexual assault forensic exams done via telehealth free for victims in certain cases; requires Maryland Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Policy and Funding Committee to study feasibility of a telehealth program in the State; report must be sent to General Assembly by December 1, 2024 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1308 - Prohibits a person from recording a deed or other instrument that the person knows contains false information, including information related to the ownership of the property; violator is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a maximum penalty of a $500 fine; prosecution must be initiated within three years after the offense was committed (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1498 - Prohibits an individual from aiding or abetting the unauthorized practice of massage therapy in the State; violator is guilty of a felony and subject to a fine of up to $5,000 or imprisonment for up to one year for first offense and a fine of up to $20,000 per day or imprisonment for up to five years for subsequent offenses (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB7 - Requires the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission to develop a uniform citizen positive community feedback process to be adopted and followed by each law enforcement agency (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB11 - Authorizes the partial expungement of eligible charges within a unit of charges if one or more of the charges is ineligible (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB111 - Redacts identifying information in criminal or juvenile delinquency case filings unless the court finds by clear and convincing evidence there is good cause to order otherwise (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB273 - Prohibits photographing or otherwise recording images of a correctional facility through the use of an “unmanned aircraft” unless authorized by the managing official of the correctional facility or the Secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB468 - Requires private home detention monitoring agencies to make specified notifications immediately rather than on the next business day; specifies who should be notified when a court is not open for business (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB652 - Requires the Department of Juvenile Services to report to the General Assembly by December 1 each year on the number of juveniles under DJS’s supervision in the preceding year who were non fatally shot, shot another individual, or were victims of a homicide and the actions and timeline of actions DJS took in response (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB1098 - Prohibits an incarcerated individual who is serving a sentence for first-degree rape, that occurred on or after October 1, 2024, from earning diminution credits to reduce the incarcerated individual’s term of confinement (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB38 - Prohibits the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City from adopting or enforcing a local law requiring the creation of new off-street parking for a residential development that is located within a 0.25-mile radius of a present or planned MARC, MTA Light Rail or Red Line station (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB198/SB126 - Allows one-time budget payment to WMATA (Metro) for fiscal year 2025 budget larger than usual subsidy cap (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB950/SB1125 - Requires the Governor, for fiscal 2026 and each fiscal year thereafter, to include in the annual budget an appropriation from the Transportation Trust Fund of at least $80,533,314 to the Locally Operated Transit System Grant Program (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1032 - Establishing the Tourist Area and Corridor Signage Program to create a system of supplemental guide signs to direct motorists to eligible individual attractions (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1199/SB891 - Requires the Maryland Transportation Institute to conduct a study on improving the MobilityLink paratransit service; report must be sent to Governor and General Assembly by July 1, 2025 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1507/SB70 - Requires Maryland Transit Administration before announcing any service reduction or cancellation of an existing bus line to compile a specified report on the impacts of the proposed change; MTA must publish the report on its website with a visible link identifying the impacted route 30 days before a public hearing on the change (takes effect October 1, 2024)


HB43/SB316 - Authorizes a person to operate a golf cart equipped with approved lighting on county or municipal highways between dawn and dusk if the maximum posted speed limit does not exceed 30 miles per hour; golf cart must be kept as far to the right of the roadway as feasible; driver must have a valid driver’s license (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB102/SB730 - Requires rear passengers on motorcycles be able to place their feet firmly on footrests while riding; violations are a misdemeanor with fines of up to $500 (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB105- Expands the Maryland Ignition Interlock System Program to individuals granted probation before judgment for driving while under the influence of alcohol and individuals convicted of or granted PBJ for driving while impaired by alcohol (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB212/SB155 - Allows Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties to use noise abatement monitoring systems on state and local highways to record violations of state laws regarding maximum sound limits of motor vehicles (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB229/SB254 - Requires each motor vehicle insurer to participate in the Motor Vehicle Administration online verification program for vehicle insurance policies for law enforcement and administrative purposes; electronically provide MVA with all active insurance policies in the format and at the interval required by MVA (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect January 1, 2025)

HB256/SB166 - Establishes Waterway Incident Notification System (WINS) workgroup which must complete interim report with recommendations for Governor and General Assembly by December 31, 2024 and final report by September 30, 2025 (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB332 - Requiring the Motor Vehicle Administration to prepare a report on motor vehicles owned by Maryland residents that are improperly titled or registered in another state; requiring MVA to submit a report to Governor and the General Assembly by December 1, 2024 (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB337/SB315 - Sarah Debbink Langenkamp Memorial Act; increases penalties for drivers who do not yield the right-of-way in designated bike lanes for those legally riding bikes, scooters, and personal mobility devices to imprisonment of up to two months and/or fines of up to $25-hundred (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB513 - Increases fines for work zone speed violations (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB552/SB672 - Requires Motor Vehicle Administration to send citations issued from automated speed/red light/etc cameras to current mailing address on file with MVA or current residential address on file with MVA if a mailing address is unavailable (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB601/SB442 - Establishes a statewide prohibition on exhibition driving on any highway or private property that is used for driving by the general public; increases penalties and points assessments for violations related to participation in racing or speed contests (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB737 - Requires a driver traveling slower than the general speed of traffic on any roadway - rather than just an interstate highway located in a rural area - to drive in the right-hand lane or lanes (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB782/SB838 - Allows specified officers of a volunteer fire company to equip their privately owned vehicles with red or red and white lights/devices (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB840 - Exempts all new vehicle dealers of Class M motor homes and Class G trailers and their licensed salespersons from restrictions on the number of annual vehicle shows in which they may participate (Takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB967 - Prevents parking on any street or highway in the town of Keedysville vehicles in classes E, F, G, H, P (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1081/SB840 - Establishes that automatic license plate reader data captured by existing law may not be sold for any purpose by a law enforcement agency or vendor contracted by a law enforcement agency; may not be uploaded by the law enforcement agency or a vendor contracted by the law enforcement agency for any reason, except to database owned or operated by the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1482 - Increases the uninsured motorist penalties that apply when required insurance on a motor vehicle registered in the State terminates or otherwise lapses during its registration period (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB740 - Nick’s Law; authorizes a court to prohibit a person from operating a vessel on the waters of the State for up to two years instead of at most one year if the person is convicted of operating or attempting to operate a vessel while under the influence of alcohol; if a person’s violation resulted in the death of another, a court may prohibit the person, upon conviction, from operating a vessel on the waters of the State for up to five years (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB943 - Allows local jurisdictions to use bus lane monitoring systems to enforce prohibition on vehicles driving in dedicated bus lanes (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB1092 - Increases the annual surcharge on vehicle registration fees that supports emergency medical services from $17 to $40 (takes effect July 1, 2024)


HB2 - Authorizes Baltimore City to set a special property tax rate for a vacant lot or improved property cited as vacant and unfit for habitation or other authorized use (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB161/SB277 - Exempts from paying a fee for a state ID card including a driver’s license those released from a correctional facility within the prior 60 days; a youth under the care of the Department of Juvenile Services; a youth between 15 and 20 years of age who is a participant in a Department of Human Services program; is currently homeless; or is currently under the care of the Maryland Department of Health (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB186 - Raises the maximum hotel tax rate that Eastern Shore counties can impose from 5% to 6% (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB195/SB747 - Imposes penalty of a 20% reduction in specified state aid for municipalities that fail to submit required audits within one calendar year of deadline (takes effect July 1, 2025)

HB211/SB648 - Bill prohibits a person from serving as a broker between a contractor and subcontractor in the State within five years of being convicted of an offense constituting criminal malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance under federal or State law (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB230/SB267 - Allows Motor Vehicle Administration to issue copies of death certificates (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB241/SB308 - Authorizes the Governor to designate an area as a “Just Community” if area meets specified criteria; establishes intent of the General Assembly that the Just Community designation be used to prioritize State funding to increase racial, economic, and health equity in the State (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB277/SB415 - Expands the definition of a tip jar for gaming events in Frederick County to include an electronic tip jar dispenser that does not connect to the Internet or to a server (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB375/SB156 - Renames the Port of Baltimore the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB379/SB547 - Prohibits allowing performance of a covered animal - bear, cougar, elephant, jaguar, leopard, lion, tiger, and nonprimate humans - in a traveling animal act with specified exceptions (takes effect October 1, 2024) Read more: Maryland lawmakers don’t want the circus to come to town with animal acts

HB383/SB27 - Enters Maryland into the interstate Cosmetology Licensure Compact for cosmetologists; bill is contingent on six other states enacting similar legislation (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB420 - Requires communication boards be built in newly constructed play areas in public parks or recreation areas (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB426/SB92 - Requires movie theaters to provide access to fully operational and well-maintained closed captioning technology for each screening except during the first seven days after a motion picture premieres in that theater (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB432 - Replaces term ‘mental retardation’ with ‘intellectual disability’ in court and judicial proceedings and criminal procedure (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB455/SB677 - Beginning in 2026 requires tire recycling fee, bay restoration fee, admissions and amusement tax, alcoholic beverage tax, digital advertising gross revenues tax, motor carrier tax, motor fuel tax, sales and use tax, and tobacco tax returns be filed electronically with office of Comptroller (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB468/SB532 - Establishes the Commission to Advance Lithium-Ion Battery Safety in Maryland; report must be sent to Governor and General Assembly by December 1, 2025 (takes effect June 1, 2024)

HB501/SB522 - Increases from $1,000 to $5,000 the maximum fine a county can impose for the enforcement of a local ordinance, resolution, bylaw, or regulation adopted by the county (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB528/SB116 - Ensures prohibition on orphan court judges from practicing law in all Maryland counties and Baltimore City (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB542/SB668 - Requires the Department of Human Services to provide new luggage to a child in foster care who are being removed from a household (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB575 - Makes numerous changes to provisions regarding victim compensation awarded through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB577/SB1107 - Establishes a study on whether to create a homeless shelter licensing program in the Department of Housing and Community Development (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB581/SB472 - Requires each department and independent unit of State government to create a catalog containing specified information of each type of permit, license, or certificate that it issues (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB582/SB473 - Creates Pava LaPere Innovation Acceleration Grant Program and the Baltimore Innovation Initiative Pilot Program to provide funding for certain technology start-up companies (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB628/SB409 - Allows the State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists to waive the education, experience, and examination requirements for licensure as a clinical marriage and family therapist for an applicant that is licensed or certified to practice clinical marriage and family therapy in another state or territory (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB646/SB108 - Increases state income tax subtraction modification to $7-thousand for police auxiliary or reserve volunteer (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB662 - Requires child care teachers at large child care home facilities be at least 18 years of age (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB666/SB35 - Removes age requirement for state SNAP supplemental aid; raises monthly benefit from $40 to $50 (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB710/SB559 - Creates Household Goods Movers Registration Fund within the Maryland Department of Labor (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB723 - Gives Office of the Attorney General power to seek injunctive relief on behalf of the State on the basis of an imminent or ongoing violation of a specified basic right of residents of a facility or assisted living program (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB741/SB804 - Requires the Maryland Stadium Authority to study and make recommendations on the feasibility of establishing and operating a sports tourism facility at Reisterstown Regional Park; report must be submitted by July 1, 2025 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB756/SB573 - Requires Secretary of State to furnish a Maryland State flag to drape casket of eligible decedents (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB763 - Removes the representative of the Council on American‐Islamic Relations Maryland Office from the Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention; adds two members from the Muslim community (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB808/SB456 - Creates a local delivery service permit to allow delivery of alcoholic beverages from retail outlets (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB845/SB1105 - Requires the Comptroller to implement and administer an individual income tax credit eligibility awareness campaign to identify underserved individuals who may be eligible to claim an individual income tax credit (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB969 - Katherine Morris Death Reclassification Act; requires a medical examiner, if the cause or manner of death on a death certificate is amended or corrected to be undetermined or homicide, to provide notice to the State’s Attorney and local law enforcement where the body was found of the different finding or conclusion; medical examiner must also request the Secretary of Health send the person in interest a new certified death certificate at no cost (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB981 - Requires the Maryland Department of Disabilities to fully implement by July 1, 2025 provisions that require certain reasonable steps to provide equal access to public services for individuals with limited English proficiency (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1064/SB897 - Allows state income tax subtraction for death benefit payment under a collective bargaining agreement for the surviving spouse or other beneficiary of a law enforcement officer or firefighter whose death arises out of or in the course of their job; retroactive to December 31, 2021 (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1068/SB577 - Requires the Comptroller to offer an individual filing a Maryland resident individual income tax return electronically the opportunity to register to be an organ donor (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1069/SB1084 - Creates the Commission for the Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing as an independent unit of State government; Governor must appoint, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate, an executive director for the commission, who must be a deaf or hard of hearing individual knowledgeable and experienced with issues affecting deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing individuals (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1116 - Requires a licensed restaurant to also have a trader’s license if the restaurant does business as a trader or exhibitor in the State (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1158/SB669 - Repeals requirement the Maryland Attorney General’s Office annually publish its report and opinions of the Attorney General from the preceding year in a bound volume; instead, OAG must publish the specified reports on its website (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1168/SB1028 - Green Death Care Options Act; requires the Office of Cemetery Oversight to adopt regulations of crematories that use “alkaline hydrolysis”; “reduction facilities” that use “natural organic reduction”; and “registered reduction operators (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1206 - Establishes a Maryland-Ireland Trade Commission within the Department of Commerce to study and promote trade between Maryland and Ireland (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1212 - Requires the State Retirement Agency to employ a director of diversity, equity, and inclusion (takes effect July 1, 2024)

HB1302/SB1044 - Adds skin exfoliation, relaxation, hydration, contouring, and nonablative rejuvenation to definition of providing esthetic services under the licensing power of the Maryland State Board of Cosmetologists (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1362/SB629 - Removes one consumer member seat of the Maryland State Board of Cosmetologists and replaces it with one seat for a licensed esthetician (takes effect October 1, 2024)

HB1524 - Allows the state to take over ownership and operation of racing at Pimlico Race Course (takes effect June 1, 2024) Read more: Key Bridge aid and Pimlico takeover headline final bills passed by General Assembly

SB134 - Creates Correctional Ombudsman Unit (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB202 - Establishes a State income tax credit for qualified expenses paid or incurred by an individual who provides care to a qualified adult family member and whose federal adjusted gross income does not exceed $75,000 or $150,000 if filing a joint return (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB250 - Prohibits county libraries from charging fines to minors for overdue library materials (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB292 - Renames position of Assistant Secretary of State to Deputy Secretary of State (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB297 - Reduces the number of years from 12 to 10 that an engineer member of the State Board of Professional Engineers must have practiced engineering (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB298 - Authorizes the State Board of Electricians to assess a licensee a civil penalty of up to $5,000 for each violation of the licensing statute (Gov. Moore signed 4/9, takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB482 - ENOUGH Act; creates the Special Secretary of the Governor’s Office of Children to establish the ENOUGH grant program designed to advance place-based strategies targeting child poverty (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB524 - Makes language regarding chairs and vice chairs of committees in General Assembly gender-neutral (takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB633 - Authorizes a self-service storage facility operator to advertise a lien sale via email or a website without the occupant’s prior written authorization in the storage agreement (takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB680 - Allows Maryland Attorney General to bring civil action in Key Bridge collapse (takes effect upon Governor’s signature)

SB822 - Expands eligibility for state income tax deductions for police officers who live in jurisdictions with a crime rate higher than the state crime rate (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SB850 - Increases the maximum amount for funeral expenses for specified public safety employees that die in the line of duty; increases the death benefit for surviving family members of specified Maryland National Guard members and all State employees who are killed in the performance of their duties (takes effect June 1, 2024)

SB873 - Extends, from 10 to 60 days after the birth of a newborn, the time frame during which a person can leave an unharmed newborn with a responsible adult without the intent to return for the newborn, without being subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB905 - Authorizes researchers affiliated with institutions of higher education who are conducting academic or policy research to review a court record related to a petition for an extreme risk protective order (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB952 - Establishes that an assisted living referrer must maintain general liability insurance; require employees to obtain a criminal history records check; sign a federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act agreement with the client or the client’s representative; maintain a signed, written, and dated document between the assisted living referrer and the client or the client’s representative; and arrange and facilitate a tour of the assisted living program (takes effect October 1, 2024)

SB1068 - Establishes legislative intent that the Department of Information Technology evaluate the potential of artificial intelligence in creating a statewide virtual 3-1-1 portal (takes effect July 1, 2024)

SJ1 - Urges President Biden to publish the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th amendment to the United States Constitution; urges other states to pass similar resolutions

Matt Bush spent 14 years in public radio prior to coming to WYPR as news director in October 2022. From 2008 to 2016, he worked at Washington D.C.’s NPR affiliate, WAMU, where he was the station’s Maryland reporter. He covered the Maryland General Assembly for six years (alongside several WYPR reporters in the statehouse radio bullpen) as well as both Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. @MattBushMD
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