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Everyman Theatre

  • Conversations concerning the paranormal typically lend themselves to the sensational, but Danny has discovered they can also open deeper discussions about trauma, the afterlife, and a region’s rich history.Danny looks back on some of the other ghostly happenings at Everyman Theatre's historic space and explores the rich history of Baltimore’s Bromo Arts District, particularly Lexington Market, to learn how the past still haunts the present with UMBC American Studies professor Dr. Nicole King.
  • Danny discovers that for many in the company their brush with the paranormal goes back to their childhood, and for some, the ghosts were not always welcome visitors. We hear from academic Dr. Hollis Robbins, medium Dr. Gwen F. MacGregor, paranormal investigator Elyse Caudill Corker, and host Marc Steiner from Everyman Theatre's “World of the Play” discussion around the production of Blithe Spirit back in 2015.
  • Everyman Theatre's porter, Shammah Moore, has had more than his fair share of ghostly experiences at the theater and attributes them to a shootout that occurred there back in 1953. Danny and Company unfold the events of that fateful day through anecdotes and revelatory newspaper clippings.
  • Beth tells a ghost story from her childhood that has Danny investigating the parallels between traumatic events and apparitions in hopes to explain who the mysterious figure was backstage. Bruce offers a practical explanation of what our minds do to fill in blanks, but Danny learns about an event at the theater that might offer more answers.
  • As theaters across the world go dark from the COVID-19 pandemic, Danny and the Everyman Theatre Co gather around the virtual ghost light to tell of their experiences in the haunted halls of the historic theater on West Fayette Street, only to realize that their stories intersect.
  • Many Maryland theaters were forced to close their doors this year because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, some have returned with digital performances. And…
  • Despite the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s financial straits, Baltimore County is reducing the amount of money it usually gives to the orchestra.…
  • The play “Everything is Wonderful” at Everyman Theatre makes us think anew about what it means to forgive, and what it takes to do it. Director Noah…