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  • Duckhorn is a Napa pioneer, and their former second label Decoy is now a premier label in its own right, with good values.
  • Poultry is very big business in Maryland, with huge industrial scale chicken houses covering the Eastern Shore. Poultry raising on that scale is a tad bit impersonal to say the least. At the other end of the scale—way on the other end—is the backyard hen house, an operation where the chicks are practically pets. And Chef Jerry Pellegrino, has looked into this idea.
  • People used to say if you can't pronounce "Gruner Veltliner" how could you sell it? Well, it's worked out a lot better than people thought.
  • On this month's episode of Future City, we're discussing how trauma and PTSD shape people’s lives in Baltimore and beyond, and discuss how activists, service providers, educators, and government agencies are using knowledge of trauma to change the city.
  • Imagine starting your teenage years by facing yet another surgery. And this time the surgery is to attach metal frames--that will stay in place for six months--to each of your legs, followed by three months in the hospital for intensive physical and occupational therapies. That's what Ellie faced in 2018 when she was just 13 years old. Listen to Ellie's physical therapist, Heather McLean, tell of Ellie's spirit, grit and determination--and above all--her sense of humor.
  • Over the years I've tried to incorporate more and more seafood into my diet, and despite not being very adept at cooking fish, I do try. What often saves the dish is the sauce that I whip up...something I'm a little better at. And as I joked with Chef Jerry Pellegrino, what's sauce for the goose isn't necessarily sauce for the grouper.
  • Baltimore needs to take advantage of a once in a generation opportunity to correct a mistake. Here's how.
  • Reportedly America's second favorite white wine, Pinot Grigio has made tremendous strides in recent years and represents good value.
  • I have to admit that the warmer weather and the abundance of fresh food at the market have given me quite an appetite. Lucky for me there is a dish that not only incorporates all that is good about spring, it actually incorporates the word itself. Chef Jerry Pellegrino is proud to say, it's a gift the Italian language has given to the world: primavera. But in point of fact, it's a dish that doesn't even exist in Italy.
  • University of Maryland's Cole Field House is poised to honor two pioneers. But is it the right move?