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  • Early assessment and therapeutic interventions for autism spectrum disorder can greatly influence a child’s development. No matter how young, expert assessment and intervention can positively change a child's life trajectory. Listen to Dr. Christine Hess from Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders share Milo’s story of how therapy as an infant made a huge difference in his life.
  • Nearly half of parents surveyed report disagreeing with a child's grandparents about discipline, bedtimes, manners, and a number of other choices. Sometimes these arguments escalate to the point where grandparents have limited or no chance to spend time with the children. We have some tips on how to limit these conflicts for the good of the child.
  • Everybody has a list of comfort foods that they turn to in times of bother. Here's a short list of red wines that will give you great comfort as well.
  • Maybe it's a guy thing: it's late afternoon and you'd love to have a snack, but a cookie or two doesn't appeal. You start thinking and then the image of a handful of beef jerky pops into your head and you gotta have it. As Chef Jerry Pellegrino has told me, if you had planned ahead you could have easily whipped up a mess of beef jerky all by yourself.
  • Throughout the pandemic, life under lockdown has presented a lot of challenges to our daily routines, such as fitting in physical activity. This may contribute to weight gain, or what has been dubbed as the “Quarantine 15.” In order to combat this, we need to take steps to keep physically active.
  • It is strange but true that the environment has become a politically-charged wedge issue in America – like abortion or gun control. In the last election, for example, the phrase “Green New Deal” was used by Republicans as a weapon to scare voters into thinking Democrats are socialists bent on government control.
  • Looking for beacons of hope with the Orioles? Trey Mancini and Matt Harvey are just the guys to watch.
  • With all the interest in organic wines, here's a trio to drink right now.
  • Spring is officially here and as the garden soil starts to warm up, our thoughts are turning to planting for the coming season. For sure our local farmers markets will come through with all sorts of novel and tempting produce, but there's nothing wrong with you and me filling in the blanks with some useful ideas of our own.
  • What if your first name determined your success in life? Thankfully it's not that simple. We do one way to ensure a better chance at success -- quality child care and early learning opportunities.