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Bill Would Require City Landlords To Offer Lease Renewals


Baltimore landlords would not be able to evict tenants whose leases have expired under a bill introduced to the City Council Monday night.

Councilman Antonio Glover, a Democrat from East Baltimore’s 13th District who is sponsoring the bill, says landlords would be required to give tenants the opportunity to renew their leases before evicting them.

“A landlord cannot just put the individual out on the street during this pandemic,” Glover said.

Under the bill, landlords would not be able to evict their tenants whose leases have expired unless they have “just cause,” such as illegal activity or property damage by the tenant. 


Glover announced the bill at a press conference earlier this month, as part of a COVID Housing Relief Package. 

“I've heard so many stories of people who are barely holding on. They're barely making it,” Glover said. “This is our job as a council to protect our families here in Baltimore.”

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