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Nov 5, 2018

A street preacher pleads with passersby to heed the word of God, a Pentecostal pastor struggles with her calling, a Muslim father and son confront anti-Islamic sentiment, a man behind bars reinvents himself through Islam, an Orthodox Jew flees religious oppression in Iran, a Mennonite couple opens an urban school, and a Native American man decolonizes his spiritual self.  

Rachel Baye

It’s legal in Maryland to carry a concealed weapon on private property, with or without a concealed-carry permit, as long as the property owner approves. Legislation under consideration in Annapolis would extend that concept to religious institutions.

The Role Of Religion In The Public Square

Apr 15, 2014
Carlos Smith / Flickr / Creative Commons

Tonight is the second night of Passover for Jews, and this is Holy Week for Christians.  This morning, a conversation about religion in the public square.  The founding fathers spent lots of time discussing the separation of church and state, and the argument about religion in general and prayer in particular in public settings continues to this day.  Here in Maryland, late last month, a federal court judge issued an injunction against the Carroll County Commission which prohibits “invoking the name of a specific deity associated with any one specific faith in prayers given at Board meetings.”