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Tom Flynn

A recent study published in the journal Science found that North America has lost 29 percent of its bird population in the last 50 years. That’s nearly 3 billion birds of all different species, from meadowlarks to swallows to robins.

And to no one’s surprise, the Baltimore region has noticed that decline. For example, the whippoorwill and the American woodcock, once common around Baltimore and throughout eastern North America, are at risk because their habitat has been declining with urbanization.

Middleton Evans

Spring --- when nature flaunts her finest! Birds sing, trees erupt with blossoms that attract busy pollinators. Today we hear about ways to experience the flurry and bustle of the season. Ornithologist Bruce Beehler shares insights on how to become a better -- or beginner -- birder and talks us through his book, Birds of Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia. Plus, environmentalist Colin Rees walks us through his book Nature’s Calendar, that chronicles four seasons at the Jug Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on the Patuxent River.

For information about book signings at the Maryland Ornithological Society meeting, visit this link.

Find info for Nature's Calendar here and Birds of Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia here.

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