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Finding Healing through the Arts

Jun 4, 2019

Credit Force: upsettingrapeculture/Facebook

Today we’re focusing in on people who are confronting some of Baltimore's most ingrained issues head on through the power of art.  Baltimore is known for its thriving artistic scene and many artists are serving a dual purpose – as both artists and healers - through aesthetic expression they are quite literally restoring people and communities. 

Guests on this show include:

Mallory Van Fossen, a trauma informed therapist, Associate Professor in Notre Dame of Maryland University’s Art Therapy program, and former President of the Maryland Art Therapy Association.

Meryam Bouadjemi, Co-Producer of the documentary Charm City.

Charnell Covert, a community organizer and collective member at FORCE:upsetting rape culture, holistic artivist, educator at Towson State University, and wounded healer. 

Amy Tenney, the Director and Music Therapist for RICH in Music.