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Matt Tacka

On-Air Personality & Producer

Matt has come full circle on 88.1. First heard years ago as the afternoon traffic reporter with Diane Finlayson, he now keeps you company on your ride home Monday through Friday during All Things Considered, as well as on Saturday mornings. He is quite adept at brewing a fresh pot of coffee, since he usually empties it.

A well-known voice on Baltimore airwaves, he jokes that there are only one or two stations he hasn't been on. He has also done time (on radio and TV that is) in Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Delaware.

Matt also owns and operates his own voiceover company which provides voices for radio and TV commercials, imaging and various other productions across the country.

Married with three amazing daughters and a way cool step-son, he still believes he'll be a rock star one day.

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Imagine Being a Baby

Aug 8, 2020

Imagine you’re a baby. You love being with mom and dad but there is so much more to learn. You’re excited about child care! But what if child care isn’t there? (Photo by iStock/ruizluquepaz)  


If you’ve been crazily working from home with your pre-schooler, and are now ready to send them back to child care, you may not want to hear this: you’re not done. The University of Arizona says parental involvement in your little one’s child care experience, is a major indicator of whether that child arrives at Kindergarten ready to learn. 

Rachel Baye / WYPR

Gov. Larry Hogan used a wide-ranging press conference Wednesday to respond to a barrage of criticism from local leaders about rising COVID-19 case numbers and the state’s plan for the upcoming election. WYPR’s Rachel Baye walks through what he said with Matt Tacka.

An ever growing number of early childhood experts are urging Congress to invest at least $50 billion in the next, and perhaps final, COVID-19 emergency funding bill. The Child Care is Essential Act could save child care and get America back to work. 


Jul 15, 2020

Over 60% of Americans have one or more adverse childhood experience or ACE, which are linked to chronic mental and physical health problems, substance misuse, and underemployment in adulthood. We can change this by investing in our children. Learn how.            


Jul 2, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our routines. That includes young children for whom this interruption could negatively impact their behavior. So how do you know if a change you see is just growing pains or something more? Listen now and find out. 

Benevolent Sexism

Jul 2, 2020

“Benevolent sexism” can start early and persist throughout life. Talking to your kids about perpetuating stereotypes early can break this cycle. Listen now to learn more.  

 COVID-19 is making many parents scared to take their children places. But this aversion is having unintended and life threatening implications – few immunizations. Listen now to find out more.

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Minimum wage: WYPR's Christopher Connelly reports that the governor's minimum wage bill is having some trouble in a Senate committee, where Chairman Thomas Middleton insists on higher wages for caregivers of the developmentally disabled.

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Morning headlines from around the region.