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Teen Pregnancy and Long-Acting Contraception

Jul 28, 2015

Colorado saw its teen pregnancy rate drop 40 percent from 2009 to 2013. The rate of teen abortions fell 42 percent. Behind those impressive decreases was an experiment in long-acting contraception, implantable devices that last for years, and are considered the most effective forms of birth control. In this hour, we take a look at how Colorado increased access to long-term birth control, and how that experiment has affected the life outcomes of many young, low-income woman. What can Maryland learn from the Colorado experience? Baltimore’s teen pregnancy rate has fallen, but it is still twice as high as the statewide rate and significantly higher than the national rate. Our guests: Greta Klingler, supervisor of Colorado's family planning initiative; Rebecca Dineen, of Baltimore City's Bureau of Maternal and Child Health; and Amina Chaudhry, interim president of Planned Parenthood Maryland.

Intrauterine devices are a type of long-acting removable contraception, which public health officials are promoting for use by teens.