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Maureen Harvie

Senior Producer, On The Record

Maureen Harvie is senior producer for On the Record. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and joined WYPR in 2014 as an intern for the newsroom. Whether coordinating live election night coverage, capturing the sounds of a roller derby scrimmage, interviewing veterans, or booking local authors, she is always on the lookout for the next story.

  • We’ll go On the Record with people driving two projects to preserve the past. An ancient cabin in Hagerstown had been slated for demolition. Now it’s being rehabbed to be a tiny home. Plus, what treasures are hiding in trash piles and privies?
  • We go On the Record with the curator of the new Baltimore Museum of Art exhibit, “Women Behaving Badly.” How has art been used to perpetuate degrading myths about women? Plus, a marine biologist on breaking stereotypes about who can be a scientist.
  • We’ll go On the Record with the biographer of Gloria Richardson, the civil-rights leader who faced down white supremacists and the National Guard in Cambridge, MD, in the 1960s as she led a fight for equal rights. Richardson died last week.
  • We’ll go On the Record with an epidemiologist to ask how the Delta variant is changing the shape of the COVID pandemic. Why is this strain so contagious? Will we need booster shots? Plus, vaccine outreach to Baltimore County public school pupils and families.
  • We’ll go On the Record with an environmental health expert and an emergency-room physician to ask about threats posed by extreme heat. What factors make cities vulnerable during heat waves?
  • Local congregations raised funds to wipe out $9 million in medical debt. How? Plus, Senator Chris Van Hollen on protecting patients from collection proceedings during the pandemic.
  • We’ll go On the Record to hear how every homeowner has the power to improve the ecosystem right from their own yard. Plus a new group of urban farmers is getting their hands dirty in a year-long intensive effort to transform land in Baltimore.
  • Here’s a Stoop Story from Shawna Renée about her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We’ll go On the Record with the founders of B’More Community Fridge, a fridge and pantry where donated items are available to anyone. Their mantra is “take what you need, leave what you can.”
  • We’ll go On the Record with an expert to ask about special pandemic unemployment benefits for people usually not eligible--like the self-employed. And two freelancers talk about the hurdles of applying and what an early end to benefits would mean for them.