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Laura Lippman

Harper Collins

Like most of Laura Lippman’s novels, her new book is set mostly in Baltimore … and centers on a smart woman with complicated motives. But this protagonist is not fictional--this is Lippman herself, publishing her first non-fiction since her days as a newspaper reporter. It’s a collection of essays titled My Life as a Villainess. We learn why Lippman considers herself a bad friend, … why she used to steal penny-candy, … how it feels to be asked if your new baby is your grandchild. Essays full of revelations, but not many regrets--not even the grudges.

You can attend virtual talks featuring Laura Lippman at The Strand Bookstore  on Aug. 3 and at the Ivy Bookshop on Aug. 12.

Baltimore; summer 1966. Tensions between white and black residents. Some women testing expectations. And then: a woman’s decomposed body turns up in Druid Hill Park lake. Laura Lippman latest novel, The Lady in the Lake, unscrambles multiple mysteries. 

Lippman will be speaking at the following venues and times:

July 25 at Politics and Prose on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, she’ll speak with journalist and mystery writer Neely Tucker.  On July 26, at A Likely Story on Main Street in Sykesville, Lippman will be in conversation with suspense novelist Dan Fesperman.  Both events start at 7 p.m.

July 29, in Oxford, MD, Lippman will be at Doc's Sunset Grille on West Pier Street starting at 5 pm. At 12 noon July 31 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Browseabout Books is hosting a luncheon with Lippman at the Crab House, on Coastal Highway.


Laura Lippman’s latest mystery is called Sunburn -- but it’s not sunny; it’s noir. In the tradition of James M. Cain --The Postman Always Rings Twice -- Lippman brings us lovers who don’t trust each other, each hiding secrets that spin into more violent mystery. Original airdate 2/20/18


In the first few pages of Sunburnwe learn that its main character has walked out on her family--just left her husband and young daughter on a Delaware beach, and hitchhiked west. As the tale unfolds, we’re treated to the tropes of film noir--slick dialogue as the protagonists circle each other in a mix of distrust and desperate infatuation. We talk to Laura Lippman about the inspirations behind her latest mystery.