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Innocent and Serving Time

Sep 28, 2016

Criminal defense attorney Michele Nethercott (at podium) runs the UB Innocence Project Clinic.
Credit UB School of Law

True crime procedurals like the Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer" have shone a spotlight on the problem of wrongful convictions. How true-to-life are these stories? How hard is it to overturn a wrongful conviction? And what’s it like to serve time for a crime you didn’t commit? We talk to a man who served five years for murder before he was exonerated, and to his lawyer, about the hard road to proving your innocence once you’re no longer presumed innocent.

Our guests: Criminal defense attorney Michele Nethercott, who runs the University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic, a collaboration with the Office of the Public Defender; and Demetrius Smith, a former client of the clinic. He was released from prison in 2013 after serving five years for a murder he didn’t commit.  

Information about the University of Baltimore's conference on wrongful convictions is available here.