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Coleman at 50

Oct 4, 2016

Credit Special Collections, Sheridan Libraries / Johns Hopkins University

Fifty years ago a team headed by Johns Hopkins sociologist James Coleman got a congressional mandate to figure out how to make educational opportunity more equal. They surveyed hundreds of thousands of students. One conclusion: that a child’s family has more bearing on academic success than school. We’ll talk to three experts, including one who helped write the Coleman Report.

Our guests: Karl Alexander, the John Dewey Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University; Barbara Dezmon, head of Dezmon Educational Strategies and education chair of the MD State Conference of the NAACP; and JamesMcPartland, former executive director of the Center for Social Organization of Schools’ at Johns Hopkins. He was a graduate student five decades ago, when he worked on the Coleman Report. 

More information here. A live stream will be available during the conference.