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Author Laurel Snyder, on Time Travel and Charles Street in 1937


“Magic is what people call it when the universe corrects itself,” says one of the characters in Laurel Snyder’s new book.  We met Laurel Snyder, who was born in Baltimore, about two years ago, when we talked about her book for kids, Bigger than a Bread Box.  It’s a book about families with a dose of magic. 

Laurel Snyder told us at the time that she was working on a sequel--a back story that would be set in Baltimore.  She’s just published that book, called Seven Stories Up.  It’s also about families, how people love each other even when they’re not perfect.  And there’s another dose of magic. This book starts about a quarter-century ago, in 1987 but most of it takes place a half-century before that, in 1937 in Baltimore. 

Here, Laurel Snyder talks with Sheilah Kast about the book--and how she writes about time travel and creating a system of logic for magic. 

You can also read Laurel Snyder's blog here, or follow her 140-character turns of phrase on Twitter, @LaurelSnyder.

Sheilah Kast is the host of On The Record, Monday-Friday, 9:30-10:00 am.