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An Update On The Faded State Center Complex

May 27, 2015

State Center during the urban renewal period in which it was constructed.
Credit John Kyle

Just north of Baltimore’s downtown, there’s a light-rail stop, a metro station and a set of 1950s-era government buildings. The 28-acre site that comprises all that is called State Center. It’s a part of West Baltimore that abuts Bolton Hill and the McCulloh Homes community. But to the south and east it’s cut off from Mt Vernon, and University of Maryland Medical Center and communities South by Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard and Howard Street.

A courtyard at State Center
Credit A.Currell //Flickr Creative Commons

For years developers and community leaders have seen in State Center the potential to support shops and updated office space.  But the re-development has been stalled for various reasons – we’d like to understand why, and what’s happening now. So we invited John Kyle.  He has lived in nearby Bolton Hill for about three decades, and is President of the State Center Neighborhood Alliance, a coalition of a dozen surrounding neighborhoods.

A rendering of a plan for State Center's redevelopment
Credit John Kyle