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Remembering Auschwitz

Mar 23, 2017

A collage by Edie Creeger and her mother, Vera Kestenberg, a Holocaust survivor. The collage is part of the Holocaust Memory Reconstruction Project.
Credit Credit Courtesy of the Jewish Museum of Maryland

Six million Jewish lives were lost during World War II and the Holocaust. A new exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Maryland explores the history of the Holocaust through the lens of the town of Auschwitz in Poland. Deborah Cardin, the museum’s deputy director, explains that today the town is known as the location of a massive complex of Nazi concentration camps. But before that, she says, "The town was a place where for hundreds of years, Jewish residents and non-Jewish residents lived side by side beginning in the 16th century." We also hear from Edie Creeger, whose mother survived the Holocaust in Hungary. Together, they, alongside other local survivors, created collages to tell their stories and honor their loved ones.

Details about "Remembering Auschwitz" here. The exhibit runs through May 29th. 

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