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Poetry in Medicine, When Night Unravels, and Remembering Joe Challmes

Feb 12, 2015

A conversation with poet and neurosurgeon Michael Salcman, editor of the anthology, Poetry in Medicine; music and conversation with ukulele songstress Victoria Vox; and a radio memorial to the late, great storyteller, Joe Challmes.

  Precision, patience, and an eye for detail:  Good qualities in a neurosurgeon.  Good qualities, too, in a poet.  Coincidentally, Dr. Michael Salcman is both.  He’s also the editor of a new compendium titled, Poetry in Medicine:  An Anthology of Poems about Doctors, Patients, Illness and Healing.  Dr. Salcman joins producer Aaron Henkin for a look inside the book.
Victoria Vox has done a lot of musical experimenting over the years. She’s an accomplished singer and songwriter, a master of the ukulele, she plays guitar, and as it turns out, she’s also recognized for another, lesser known, but equally awesome talent.   She joins producer Lisa Morgan in studio with a preview of her latest musical exploration, When the Night Unravels
Joe Challmes onstage at the stoop in 2009
This week, Baltimore lost a great storyteller.  Former Baltimore Sun reporter Joe Challmes never missed a Stoop Storytelling event.  If he wasn’t onstage, regaling everyone with a story of his own, he was there, with friends in the audience, lending his ears and his applause to others.  On Monday night, February 9th, after the Stoop show at Center Stage, Joe left the theater and told a friend he wasn’t feeling well.  They went to the hospital.  Later that night, Joe died of a heart attack.  And so this week we listen back to one of Joe’s many great stories, and we remember his voice and his laugh.  He told this tale back in 2009.