Re-creating Baltimore’s Wetland Habitat - 5/17/16 | WYPR

Re-creating Baltimore’s Wetland Habitat - 5/17/16

May 17, 2016



When Captain John Smith first explored the Patapsco River in 1608, it was ringed by natural wetlands that provided habitat to native wildlife and filtered the water. It may be hard to imagine, but before Baltimore became a thriving seaport, the Inner Harbor was likely vibrantly colored with a plethora of lush green vegetation resting on the water’s surface.

The National Aquarium has been working with the Waterfront Partnership since 2010 to bring this habitat back to the harbor through the installation of floating wetlands. Joining us today to tell us more about the project is Adam Lindquist, manager of the Healthy Harbor Initiative at the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.