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Women In 2020 At BMA

Jan 30, 2020

Congratulations and Celebrations Sweater, 2015-ongoing by Ellen Lesperance.
Credit Ellen Lesperance

Only a tiny fraction of the art world’s permanent holdings are works by women. This year, the Baltimore Museum of Art is setting its sights on transforming that picture, by putting its money where its mouth is. For an entire year all the BMA's exhibits and all of its acquisitions will be works by artists who identify as female. The project is called “2020 Vision.” Chief curator Asma Naeem admits it’s just a start … but believes the bold move already is having an impact. Plus, Ellen Lesperance, tells us about her show at the BMA called “Velvet Fist”-- paintings based on the attire of women peace activists.

To enter to wear Lesperance's 'Congratulations and Celebrations' sweater, visit this link. For information on events with Ellen Lesperance at Baltimore Museum of Art, visit this link. For information about the Greenmount West youth-led artist talk, with Lesperance, visit this link.