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Smart Cities

Sep 20, 2017

What do you think of when you think of a Smart City? Wi-fi hubs, self-driving vehicles, maybe…  but what about data analysis and research institutions? In this hour, Wes explores the idea of Smart Cities – connectivity hubs that use big data to change the way we interact in urban environments. We’ll be learning from the example of Seattle, Washington – a city that just hired a Smart City Coordinator and has been leading the way when it comes to urban innovation – we’ll then speak with two leaders at Johns Hopkins devoted to making city government more efficient and effective.

Guests on this program include:

Ben Levine, Executive Director, MetroLab Networks.

Kate Garman, Seattle’s newly-appointed Smart City Coordinator.

Bill Howe, Associate Professor, Information School, University of Washington. 

Beth Blauer, Executive Director at Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence.

Ben Seigel, Executive Director, 21st Century Cities Initiative at Johns Hopkins University.