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The Rapid Evolution of Tech Education

Aug 15, 2017

In this hour, Wes explores education technology and online learning – discussing everything from coding as a foreign language to the potential dangers of the privatization. We’ll also learn how online learning has the potential to make education more equitable and accessible. Wes speak with some of the most influential people in the field of education technology and asks tough questions about the future of learning here in Baltimore and beyond. 

Guests on this program include:

Jason Palmer, general partner at New Markets Venture Partners, author of the op-ed, "Why I am Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology"

John Warner, faculty affiliate at College of Charleston and contributing writer to Inside Higher, author of the op-ed, "Why I am Not Enthusiastic About Ed-Tech" 

 Salwa Muhammed, Vice President of Student Services at Udacity.

 Robert Kearns, Director of Online Education, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

 Justin Eames, Director of Technology, the City Neighborhood Foundation.

 Gretchen Legrand, Co-Founder and Director of Code in Schools.