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Patty Dann on Writing "Starfish"

Mar 18, 2014

Author Patty Dann

The author Patty Dann divides her time between New York and Baltimore. Her 1986 novel, "Mermaids" introduced us to the Flax family.

The novel was developed into a hit movie starring Cher as Mrs. Flax and Winona Ryder as Charlotte. And now, Patty Dann has given us a Flax family update.

"Starfish" is her latest novel, in which we find the Flax women all grown up, and equally,  if not more, quirky. 

In this interview, Patty Dann joins Tom Hall in the studio to talk about writing "Starfish," and she describes how real life influences some of her writing.

As Dann mentioned in this interview, she has published two 'Modern Love' articles in The New York Times. You can read her 2007 article here, and her 2008 article here