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Maryland House Votes to Ban Bump Stocks

Mar 16, 2018

State Democrats used this poster earlier this year to promote a bill banning devices that allow a semiautomatic gun to perform like an automatic.
Credit Rachel Baye

In a largely bipartisan move, the Maryland House of Delegates voted Thursday night to ban bump stocks, the device used in the Las Vegas shooting last October to make a semi-automatic rifle fire rapidly like an automatic weapon.

The bill bans several devices that allow guns to fire rapidly without someone pulling the trigger with each shot. It creates an exception for anyone who bought one of these devices before October of this year.

The bill is backed by the General Assembly’s Democratic leaders, and the concept is something Governor Larry Hogan and Republican legislators have expressed support for. Only seven delegates — all Republicans — voted against the bill on the floor.

Minority Leader Nic Kipke said the bill is “common sense,” but won’t make Maryland safer.

“But there are bills that this body has failed to act upon so far that will target the dangerous gun criminals in our state and keep them off of our streets,” he said. “I hope that we also pass that as well.”

The Senate version of the bill is scheduled to get an initial vote Friday.