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Laura Lippman's 'Life As A Villainess'

Jul 23, 2020

Credit Harper Collins

Like most of Laura Lippman’s novels, her new book is set mostly in Baltimore … and centers on a smart woman with complicated motives. But this protagonist is not fictional--this is Lippman herself, publishing her first non-fiction since her days as a newspaper reporter. It’s a collection of essays titled My Life as a Villainess. We learn why Lippman considers herself a bad friend, … why she used to steal penny-candy, … how it feels to be asked if your new baby is your grandchild. Essays full of revelations, but not many regrets--not even the grudges.

You can attend virtual talks featuring Laura Lippman at The Strand Bookstore  on Aug. 3 and at the Ivy Bookshop on Aug. 12.