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Kinobe, "It Can Be Solved by Walking," and "Needs"

Mar 20, 2014

Ugandan musician Kinobe, Jennifer Wallace’s It Can Be Solved by Walking, and Clarence Brown’s Needs 

Ugandan multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kinobe has toured the world, but he comes from a country where there’s no word for ‘music’.  Kinobe talks with Aaron Henkin about the beauty of that paradox, and he shares the ancient sounds of his traditional instruments.


Jennifer Wallace’s book, It Can Be Solved by Walking, was inspired by countless hours spent exploring the city on foot.  The collected poems, essays and photographs reflect on the intricate balance between man, nature, and the built environment. Lisa Morgan met up with Ms. Wallace for a conversation and stroll through one of her favorite neighborhoods in town, Bolton Hill. 

novelist Clarence Brown

A Baltimore City detective battles her own secret heroin addiction, all while feverishly stalking the trail of an elusive killer...  Clarence Brown’s crime novel, Needs, has all the suspense of a hard-boiled detective story.  But for the author, the cold realities of his protagonist are all too familiar.  Brown joins Aaron Henkin for a discussion about the book, and what it took to write it.