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Crisp Summer White Wines

Jul 30, 2019

These wines are cool, crisp, flavorful choices for summertime refreshment. Click the links to purchase Cellar Notes recommendations at Kenilworth Wine & Spirits.

The Wines

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60

Quality key:  * = decent wine   ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine   ****= elite

VALUE = exceptional quality for the money

Domaine Brichot "Blanc Expression", Gascogne '18  **  $  VALUE

Colombard, sauvignon blanc and ugni blanc, aromatic, delicate

Raza Vinho Verde '18 ** $ VALUE

Another very good vinho verde, with solid fruit, touch of sparkle

DeAngelis "Falerio", DOC Falerio, Marche **1/2  $  SUPER VALUE

Plump, crisp, great acidity, refreshing, very welcome

All of these wines can be purchased at Kenilworth Wine and Spirits.

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