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The First Five Years

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"The First Five Years" is a weekly program presented by Maryland Family Network.  The series is focused on the extraordinary developmental period from birth to age five. "The First Five Years" highlights the challenges and opportunities related to nurturing young children and helping them build a solid foundation for success in school and in life.

“The First Five Years” is made possible with major support from the M&T Charitable Foundation. 

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The First Five Years: Read Aloud

Mar 13, 2014
Maryland Family Network

If you haven't read to your child in a while--or ever, now is a great time to start. March is 'Read Aloud' month, and Maryland Family Network has compiled a helpful list of reading tips for parents. 

Maryland Family Network has more resources on this topic. You can learn more here

Maryland Family Network

January 8, 2014

Children learn through experience – both success and failure.  So, children learn from their victories, and also through scraped knees, and collapsed castles.  When children learn from these incidents, we call them “successful failures.”

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Additional Resources: 

Madeline Levine: Parenting for Authentic Success (KQED)

Maryland Family Network

December 25, 2013

Playing in and with boxes is great fun for kids, and it's also a learning opportunity. It's empowering because the child gets to decide what the box is going to be, exercising her ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and spatial ability.

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Strengthening Families is an approach to promoting healthy family functioning. Taken together, protective and promotive factors increase the probability of positive, adaptive and healthy outcomes, even in the face of risk and adversity.

The Protective Factors Framework (Center for the Study of Social Policy) provides an overview of the five Protective Factors listed above.

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From birth, children are intensely engaged in learning how to learn. They are propelled by motivation, attitudes, and habits that experts call "approaches to learning."

Child Development Tracker from PBS Parents provides age-specific suggestions for nurturing your child’s curiosity, persistence, problem solving, and imagination.  Select your child’s age and then click on “Approaches to Learning.”

Maryland Family Network

  November 6, 2013

Preschool plays an important role in preparing children to succeed in kindergarten.  Publicly funded pre-K helps ensure that children of all income levels have access to preschool.

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November 13, 2013

From birth to age five, children experience a surge in brain growth and cognitive ability that sets the framework for all future development.

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 November 27, 2013

You often hear it said that “Children are resilient” – but perhaps not as resilient as we’d like to believe.  There is staggering evidence that trauma in childhood has lasting effects and directly contributes to health, social, and economic outcomes in adulthood.