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Doug Lent

  • What’s good for the goose is…actually good for the gosling. A recent study finds that by treating mothers who had postpartum depression with cognitive behavioral therapy, it not only helps moms but also helps their babies.
  • It’s hard to imagine someone less at fault for the climate crisis facing the world than a newborn baby living in the Amazon. Yet, this child is among the humans most at risk to experience the negative effects of climate change. Research out of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom explains why.
  • We know that no level of tobacco smoke exposure is safe for pregnant moms or babies. Yet experts are still learning the extent of the damage done by this toxin. It may even be is linked to changes in how a baby’s genes are regulated and could cause developmental disorders and adult diseases.
  • Americans incur credit card debt to pay for child care.
  • Women have long been hit the hardest because affordable child care remained out of reach for too many. Universal child care could change that and boost lifetime earnings for women by $130 billion. So when do we start?
  • Spanking one's child is not only still common in our culture but also still legal in every U.S. state. It does far more harm than good so let's stop the spanking.
  • An apple a day may keep the doctor away but so can your child care provider. Learn more!
  • The 2021 Legislative Session was atypical to say the least. Despite the changes and challenges there were many victories for young children!
  • The New York Times reported that the monthly payments included in the Federal pandemic relief package could potentially lift millions of children out of poverty. Most surprising in the report is that the money could also greatly change children’s ability to learn
  • Babies are amazingly fast at picking up sign language because their brains are developing so quickly. But they need your help often to that or any other language.