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The Future of Police Recruitment

Sep 19, 2018


Police departments in our country are struggling. In 2015, Gallup reported that public confidence in police was at a historic 22-year low. This was the same year Baltimore was rocked by Freddie Grey’s case and subsequent city-wide riots. While support has grown since then, the disconnect between the public and the police is palpable. 

What are the messages out there for future cops? Is this a profession that people aspire to? And what are police departments doing to mend relations with the public – possibly enticing new recruits in the process?

Guests on this episode include:


Gary Tuggle, Interim Baltimore Police Commissioner 

Steve Schuh, Anne Arundel  County Executive

Karen L. Bune, Adjunct professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society, George Mason University 

Simma Lieberman, Diversity and Inclusion, Culture Change Consultant