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Police Release Freddie Gray Investigation - To The State's Attorney's Office, Not To The Public

May 1, 2015
Originally published on May 1, 2015 4:30 pm

Baltimore police wrapped up yesterday their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray - the 25 year old African American man who died from injuries sustained while in police custody. But the findings weren't released to the public. That disappointed many who have been searching for answers. 

Police Commissioner Batts has turned the department’s findings over to State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.   But there are those who thought the police report would bring answers to the public.  Councilman Carl Stokes said Batts might have tried to communicate that when the report was finished, it would go on to the State’s Attorney’s office, but the general public was under the impression they’d have more information than police released.  Councilman Stokes, “there have been expectations that built up – that Friday would be a judgement day and it’s not.”

Taylor Graham, 29, was handing out food at the Lillian Jones Recreation Center.  It’s close to the CVS that was looted and burned Monday night.  Local groups, including the NAACP, set up a food distribution center there so people who once got their groceries from CVS won’t need to go far.  Graham took the day off of his construction job to help out.  He says he’s probably not the only one who’s  confused, “ if you’re not privy to the judicial system, then you don’t know the protocol.”

“For the community, we used to this,” Brain Noakes, 49, lives in the Sandtown- Wincester neighborhood, the same neighborhood where Freddie Gray lived. He was waiting in line for free groceries.  “Are there any expectations for them to do anything right?   They need to be more forward with the public instead of treating everybody like they call us,” but he says, he hasn’t lost all hope. “Maybe if they can get this thing out and into court and get it right maybe we can get something going.

Billy Murphy is the attorney for the Gray family.  He says they want the case to be rock solid and so they’re patient as the process takes its course.  Murphy said State’s Attorney Mosby needs to digest the police report.   He says it’s not a day of reckoning, “it’s just another day in the investigation which we hope will be concluded expeditiously but not rushed.  You can really mess up a case if your investigation leaves out just one thing.”

As for the police department, Batts says they are ready to work with Mosby and “go after every lead”.