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Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine
Sundays at Noon

Food and Wine discussed at a delicious level.

We welcome your questions and comments. E-mail us at foremanwolf@wypr.org before or during the show (Sundays at noon), or call us when the show is live at 410-662-8780.

Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine is made possible by the Maryland Office of Tourism and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.


Latest Episodes
  • Asparagus, artichokes, peas, fava beans - now we're getting excited!
  • Ever wonder how to get the dinner you make at home tasting and looking as good as it does in your favorite restaurant?
  • Tony often compares the relationship between food and wine to that of music and dance. On this live episode, Tony and Chef Cindy dig a bit deeper into that idea. They talk about classics, push the boundaries of how we usually approach pairing, and take your comments.
  • Why has French cuisine, with traditions going back hundreds of years, remained relevant through to today? Tony and Chef Cindy explore the history of French cooking, it's unbroken link to the land from which it was born and the women and men who shaped it.
  • Can you roast a chicken? Can you sear a piece of fish? Can you make a grilled cheese? This week Tony and Chef Cindy share some simple tips and remind you not to put your tomatoes in the refrigerator!
  • On this episode we explore two quintessential spring products, even if we wouldn't necessarily pair them together on the table.
  • Love fried food? So do we! Tony and Chef Cindy talk about batter, oil, methods and take your calls and emails about all things fried.
  • Tony and Chef Cindy check in with one of the leading purveyors of ancient and heirloom grains.
  • This week take the 30,000 foot view of the wine industry over the past 20 years. Tony and Chef Cindy discuss how production and tastes have changed and…
  • Fat gets a bad rap. Tony and Chef discuss what "fat" brings to your food.