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WYPR Day Sponsorship

When to reserve your day sponsorship
Donors who contribute $500 and greater are entitled to sponsor one day of programs on WYPR. The donor will receive three on-air credits for their personal message on a single day.  WYPR staff will make every effort to accommodate the donor’s Day Sponsorship date request.  However, due to the popularity of the Day Sponsorship program, donors are encouraged to reserve their preferred date as early as possible.  Dates must be requested at least 14 calendar days in advance to ensure adequate production time.

Day sponsorship details

  • Messages must conform to FCC rules and station policy. WYPR's Day Sponsorship format consists of an opening statement and the donor’s message. The opening statement is typically: "Today's programs are made possible in part by” immediately followed by the first and last name of the person or persons who made the contribution.
  • Day Sponsorship messages must be a maximum of 15 seconds long when read in an even and unhurried manner.
  • Credits may be a simple statement of sponsorship, e.g. “Today’s programs are made possible in part by Thomas Jones” or may include a dedication line, e.g. “Today’s programs are made possible in part by Thomas Jones, in celebration of Elizabeth Jones’ birthday.”
  • Day Sponsorships must be personal in nature. They may not include promotional, commercial or controversial messages of any kind. Language referencing political campaigns, candidacies, religious convictions or legislation will not be accepted.
  • Acceptable Day Sponsorship messages should be easily understood. Inside jokes and messages only meaningful to the member that may not be understood or could be misinterpreted by the greater audience should be avoided.
  • Messages must be written in the third-person and cannot include first-person personal pronouns (I, me, we, us, etc.)
  • WYPR reserves the right of final approval for all Day Sponsorship messages.

After you submit your message
You can expect to receive a confirmation within approximately ten days after receipt. At that time your Day Sponsorship date will be confirmed (or an alternate date will be offered) and we will provide the times your message is scheduled to be read on the air. Please be sure to include an e-mail address and a daytime phone number with your Day Sponsorship message so we may contact you.

Please remember, it is live radio…
We do everything possible to make sure your message airs as scheduled. However, occasionally messages are missed or the time a message airs may vary slightly from its scheduled time. To ensure that you hear your message, be sure to tune in at least 10 minutes before the scheduled read time. In the event that your message is missed, please contact Deborah Davis, Day Sponsorship Coordinator, at 410-235-1517  to reschedule. On weekdays we can often make-up the missed read later in the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Donors who are eligible for more than one Day Sponsorship are requested not to reserve consecutive days.
  • Donors should redeem Day Sponsorships within one year of making his or her qualifying contribution.
  • Day Sponsorships are a form of special recognition only available to individual donors.
  • Requests for Day Sponsorships as a result of a contribution or grant by individual family foundations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Businesses and corporations are not eligible for Day Sponsorship recognition. Persons interested in on-air messages for marketing or public relations purposes are encouraged to contact Carla Truax, WYPR’s Director of Underwriting at 410-235-1617.
  • Day Sponsorships are non-transferable and may not be donated to a third party.
  • Anonymous Day Sponsorships are not acceptable.

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