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Town of the Big House

A Shark that Smells Blood, Episode 5

Jan 21, 2019

A community organizer who was deceived by Kahan speaks out; meanwhile, Kahan's influence among the power players in the city starts to wane.

Season 1, Episode 5.

Don't Play Chess Against a Pigeon, Episode 4

Jan 21, 2019

As a political scandal - potentially influenced by Kahan - comes to a close, he doubles down on his efforts to make a name for himself in the city.

Season 1, Episode 4.

"I am FBI", Episode 3

Jan 15, 2019

After Kahan proposes his plan at a City Council hearing, his supporters become more passionate.

Season 1, Episode 3.

Skeletons in the Closet, Episode 2

Jan 15, 2019

Although Kahan's charm and unchecked confidence allows him to capture the attention of many of the cities’ most powerful players, all is not as it seems.

Season 1, Episode 2

The $10 Billion Savior, Episode 1

Jan 15, 2019

After receiving a titillating tip, Producer Richard Yeagley embeds himself into the professional life of Kahan Dhillon, an unknown real estate developer who is proposing a $10 billion citywide redevelopment plan for Baltimore.

Season 1, Episode 1