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Brandon Scott Represents Maryland During Roll Call At Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott represented Maryland during the Democratic National Convention’s state roll call Tuesday night, while standing next to the Fells Point statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Scott and University of Michigan student Bianca Shah of Rockville extolled Joe Biden, the Democtatic presidential nominee, for his promises to boost equity. 

“Black lives matter,” said Scott as he began their 30 second appearance. “And when it comes to racial justice, Black opportunity matters.”

“When Joe Biden rebuilds our middle class, he won’t leave anyone behind,” Shah said.  

Scott, who won the key Democratic mayoral primary in June, praised Biden’s promise to further fund public schools and historically Black colleges and universities and pay every worker a fair wage.  Shah cited Biden’s promise to end racial discimination in the housing market.  

Maryland gave 119 delegates to Joe Biden and one to Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

The DNC runs through Thursday. The Republican National Convention will begin on Monday. 


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