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Hogan proposes term limits for legislators

Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan is proposing term limits for the 188 members of the General Assembly. At a news conference Tuesday, he said his bill would limit each legislator to two consecutive terms, or eight years, in each chamber.

Hogan described term limits as a way for the voting public to hold elected officials accountable. He blamed the lack of term limits and the rise of career politicians for a litany of woes, including pending corruption charges against Sen. Nathaniel Oaks.

“It has led to out of control partisanship, meaningless political spin, the stifling of honest debate and fresh ideas, the inability to get things done, gerrymandering, one-party monopolies, and an increased potential for the time of corruption that we have seen here,” he said.

The change requires an amendment to the state constitution, meaning a super majority of legislators must pass it before voters approve it on the ballot.

In the current legislature, several dozen members have been in their seats for more than eight years at this point. Senate President Mike Miller is one of the two longest serving legislators, having been in the Senate since 1975. Miller’s office declined to comment.

Hogan made no mention of term limits for the comptroller or attorney general.

State legislators in 15 other states have term limits.

Rachel Baye is a reporter for WYPR's newsroom.
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