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American Eel


There are some words that you don’t get to use very often and when you finally get the opportunity, it’s a big occasion. The word I’m about to throw down might be familiar to some of our listeners – especially those who are knowledgeable about fish. Are you ready?


Are you amazed? Confused? Having a vague flashback to high school biology class? For your awareness, I’m sitting here pleased as punch because catadromous isn’t just a word about fish you don’t get to use very often – it’s also a word that describes a very small subset of fish. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you’re probably sitting in your car or at your desk thinking, “Come on, Brooks – just get to the part where you tell us about eels.”

You’re right, fish fanatics. I’m here to tell you all about our elusive friend the American eel, the only catadromous fish in North America.