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WYPR Diversity Goal


Diversity Eligibility: CPB Policy

Your Public Radio Corporation, the holder of the FCC license for WYPR, offers the following in response to the Policy Guidelines for Community Service Grant Review as outlined in the material distributed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on April 12, 2013.

A.    Diversity Goal. 

        WYPR's primary listening area is the City of Baltimore and the surrounding counties of Baltimore County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County.  Coverage is extended by stations WYPF in Frederick, Maryland (serving primarily Frederick County) and WYPO in Ocean City, Maryland (serving primarily Worcester and Wicomico Counties).  Within the total listening area, the ethnic breakdown is attached hereto as Schedule A.

        To succeed in this diverse community, it is imperative that the station’s leadership be attuned to the interests and needs of the diverse population that it serves.  Thus, having meaningful representation from those diverse communities in its governance structure is essential.  The Board of Trustees of WYPR has always considered diversity, not just ethnicity, but in gender and age, to be an important element to consider in making selections for new board members.  Other important factors include business experience, wisdom, familiarity with the community, and capacity for contributing or getting others to contribute.  Attached hereto as Schedule B, is a list of persons of color who have served on WYPR’s Board of Directors

As to the Community Advisory Board (CAB), the qualifying credentials are somewhat different in that these members do not have the same fiduciary responsibility for the financial well-being of the corporation.  Thus CAB members are chosen less with an emphasis on corporate management and support but more for their interest in providing community input on programming and major policy decisions. The CAB proposes its own membership which is ratified by the Board of Directors

With that background, the diversity goal for WYPR can be best summarized as follows:  In addition to the basic qualifications to perform the job, the Board of Trustees and the CAB are to have among their membership a fair balance between the genders and a meaningful representation of minority races who can bring to the governance of their respective boards a voice and perspective from life experience so that discussions and decisions are made with the broadest practical view of the needs of the community that we serve.

That we have done so is reflected in the types of locally produced programming since WYPR’s inception in 2001 which are listed in the attached Schedule C.   

B.    Review of Station Practices.

Consistent with its past practice, and as further suggested by the CPB Policy Guidelines, the Governance Committee of WYPR will re-examine its recruitment process over recent years to ensure that the diversity goal as outlined above is adhered to.   Changes and improvements will be made where warranted.  Furthermore, the Board of Trustees has directed the station management likewise to review internal practices to ensure continuing compliance with applicable FCC guidelines.

C.    Diversity Statement.

The CPB Policy Guidelines include a request that each community service grant recipient prepare a brief statement that covers (a) the elements of diversity (gender, race, culture, religion, language, generation) that WYPR finds important to its public media work, (b) the extent to which staff and governance reflect such diversity, and (c) the progress that the station has made in the last two or three years as well as its diversity plan for the future. 

This document as a whole is submitted as constituting such a statement.  In addition to what has already been stated above, the following facts are offered:

·       Of the 25 member Board of Trustees, currently three are of African American descent, one is of Hispanic descent, and ten are women.  The current Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Development Committee is of African American descent.  The Secretary of the Board is a Hispanic woman. Over the last twelve years, the board has had  nine (9) African American board members.

·       Of the twenty-five member Community Advisory Board, there have been ten (10) African American members.

With respect to staff:  Attached is Schedule D, a copy of the CPB Annual Employment Report.

As to progress in the past and diversity plans for the future, the station is pleased and proud of its performance in the past and has every intent to continue in the same fashion in the future.  Of course, in any undertaking there is always room for improvement and in that we will be vigilant to ensure that the commitment to diversity is continued.

D.    Initiatives.

The CPB Policy Guidelines asks that the station undertake on an annual basis at least one of five enumerated initiatives. In this regard:

·       WYPR works closely with public and independent schools to offer internships in production, editing, news gathering, and administrative skills. Also, for the past four years, WYPR has had a formal partnership agreement with Christo Ray School to administer a formal mentoring/intern project for two high school students from diversity backgrounds. This project extends for nine months each year. Finally, the WYPR bookkeeping department tutors two students from Morgan State University in bookkeeping and accounting each school year.

·       As set forth above in Schedule B, WYPR has regularly included diverse candidates in its governing boards.

·       WYPR participates in The Maryland Career Consortium Job Fair every other year.  marylandcareerconsortium.org/


Tyson Tilden                                                                             Schedule B

Mary Welcome

Tony Hawkins

Tony Torrain

Barbara Armstrong

Frank Boston

Tyson King Meadows

Frank Coakly

Eva Simmons O'Brien

                                                                             Schedule C

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