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New and noteworthy podcasts by Latinos in public media to check out now

Texas Public Radio; LAist Studios; KPBS; NPR; WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios; GBH and El Planeta Media

Stories about Latinos and told by Latinos matter every day of the year. Here's a sampling curated by the NPR One team of several new and noteworthy shows created by Latinos from across public media that are worth checking out right now.

Visit the NPR Oye podcast collection on the NPR One app for even more recommended episodes by and about Latinos.

Caliber 60

/ Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio

Avocado consumption has exploded in the U.S. over the past decade. But what's rarely seen is the rotten underbelly of this industry, controlled by armed groups in Mexico who use smuggled weapons from the U.S. to keep control over this lucrative business. Texas Public Radio's Caliber 60 traces the flow of avocados, guns and people.

Listen to episode 1, "Avocados from Mexico."

How To LA

/ LAist Studios
LAist Studios

In part one of the new series "Finding Home con DACA" from LAist Studios' How To LA, host Brian De Los Santos prepares to do something he hasn't done in 30 years: travel home to Mexico.

De Los Santos is one of the thousands of Californians living with Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. The Obama-era immigration program allows people with temporary resident status to get a work permit, pay in-state tuition and receive a driver's license. But there are many freedoms it doesn't grant, like freely travelling outside the U.S.

Follow the start of De Los Santos' journey and learn about the "advance parole" process that made the trip possible.

Port of Entry


The latest season of Port of Entry from KPBS focuses on food and migration. Hosts Natali Gonzalez and Alan Lilienthal share stories about how food has changed cities in the borderlands.

This episode follows two Haitian refugees who left their home country for South America to find work, eventually making it to Tijuana.

Radio Ambulante


Puerto Rican Patricia Velasquez has spent her whole life listening to reggaeton. It's part of her identity. But when she was questioned about the content of the songs, she began an investigation that would lead her to create something completely new about the musical genre.

Listen in Spanish.

Party Crews: The Untold Story

/ LAist Studios and VICE
LAist Studios and VICE

Janice Llamoca was one of the hundreds of mostly Latinx kids that made up LA's underground party crew scene in the 2000s. But as an adult, she thought she had left all that behind. Until one day she learned of the unsolved case of Emmery Muñoz, a 14-year-old high school student whose body was found in a warehouse that authorities claimed was used for throwing parties.

In episode 1, Llamoca begins a Y2K-filled journey back in time to her own party crew days to find out why Emmery's case remains unsolved.


/ GBH and El Planeta Media
GBH and El Planeta Media

This episode of GBH's Salud explores the factors that make the U.S. health care system one of the most expensive and complicated in the world. Experts and researchers also explain the barriers that hinder access to quality health services for Latinos in the U.S.

Listen in Spanish.

La Brega

/ WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios
WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios

Season 2 of La Brega from WNYC Studios and Futuro explores Puerto Rico's most powerful export, its music: from superstar Bad Bunny to classic salsas.

Listen to episode 1, "Preciosa" — The Other Anthem.



There's no place anywhere else in the country quite like South Florida. From the Keys all the way up the Palm Beaches, WLRN's Sundial brings you the stories that make the region unique.

In this episode, Cuban American author Alex Segura joins host Carlos Frías to talk about his new Marvel book "Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow" and how his childhood comic book store still inspires him.

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Pablo Valdivia
Pablo Valdivia is an Audience Editor at NPR who is focused on elevating and telling Latino stories across digital, radio and podcast. He also develops strategies to help call in the community across the network and works to ensure that Latino voices get the visibility they deserve.
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