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New Yorker Offers A Poem Burning With Spice


And next, the latest in our series Muses and Metaphor.


MARTIN: It's National Poetry Month, and we are celebrating by sharing your poetic tweets. We're asking you to send us poems that are 140 characters or less.

Today, we hear a tweet from Laura L. Barkat. She lives in the New York City metropolitan area. She's a published author. She's written books about spirituality and creative writing, and she's the managing editor of TSPoetry.com. She describes it as a place where seasoned poets can share knowledge and receive inspiration, and the newbies can find a welcoming and intelligent approach to poetry so they won't stay newbies forever, she says.

Now remember, these are short, only 140 characters each. Here's Laura Barkat's tweet.

LAURA BARKAT: Dip me into the silver bowl, peel me with the salt of your burning hands.

MARTIN: And we know that went by pretty fast, so let's hear it again.

BARKAT: Dip me into the silver bowl, peel me with the salt of your burning hands.

MARTIN: That's a poetic tweet sent in by Laura L. Barkat. If you'd like to help us celebrate National Poetry Month, tweet us your original poetry - using fewer than 140 characters, of course. If your poem is chosen, we will help you record it for us, and we will air it in the program this month. Tweet us using the hashtag #TMMPoetry. You can learn more at the TELL ME MORE website. Go to npr.org and click on the Programs menu to find TELL ME MORE.


MARTIN: And that's our program for today. I'm Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE, from NPR News. Let's talk more tomorrow. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.