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Jessica Hyman, a Baltimore artist who performs under the name DJ Trillnatured, started off her Saturday night set like she would any other: by playing a cascade of feel-good beats designed to get her audience moving.

But unlike most nights, that audience wasn’t flanked around her. Instead, they were dancing on Zoom, a free video conferencing website that’s hosted scores of virtual happy hours and celebrations, and now, makeshift Baltimore clubbing. 

Doctor Popular/Flickr Creative Commons

Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee announced it is delaying its convention from July until August.  Many primaries, including the one here in Maryland, have also been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Several states have decided to hold their primaries and other elections by mail.  And for some states, this is nothing new. But for others, like Maryland, it is largely uncharted territory.  Voters in the 7th Congressional District will be the first to use it. Ballots in the special election to fill the seat held by Elijah Cummings were mailed this week. Voters have until April 28th to postmark their ballots for that race. 

We begin today with a look at mail-in elections, including Maryland's primary, now scheduled for June 2. Tom’s first guest is Kim Wyman.  She is the Secretary of State for Washington State, where elections have been conducted by mail since 2011. 

Then, Baltimore City Election Director Armstead Jones joins the conversation. If you are a city resident in Maryland's 7th Congressional District and you have not yet received a ballot in the mail to vote in the April 28 Special Election, call 410-396-1444. 

If you are a voter anywhere in Maryland, click here to check or update your address to ensure that you receive a ballot in the mail for the June 2 primary. 

Television, newspapers and radio are pushing out Coronavirus updates every minute, and it can be tempting to over indulge. Says Aaron Henkin: “You’re home, you’ve got your snack counter and your junk food cabinet, right there and it's available for you all day and the temptation is to have your hands in there all the time. Same thing with the news, and I’m not sure whether or not that’s healthy.”

Henkin is host of a new WYPR podcast called ‘The Daily Dose’ -- it's a roundup of the station’s reporting on Maryland’s COVID-19 response. The Daily Dose aims to share the essential state and local updates.

During the coronavirus pandemic ... what are you thinking about, or feeling, or doing  -- how has your daily life changed? Call 410-235-6060 and let us know! 

Share your thoughts, questions and stories for The Daily Dose, WYPR's new podcast on the impact of COVID-19 in Maryland. Leave a voicemail with your insights about life in the coronavirus era at 410-235-6060.

Melissa Gerr / WYPR

Gov. Larry Hogan has ordered all Maryland residents to stay home beginning at 8 p.m. Monday. Disobeying the order is a misdemeanor and could mean up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.

Um, Now What?

Mar 28, 2020

We’re working through how to best proceed on near-future episodes of the show, and we want to invite you into the conversation.  Got an interesting online ‘block’?  Hit us up on Instagram @outoftheblocks1 or on twitter @outoftheblocks1

The Daily Dose 3-27-20

Mar 27, 2020

City council candidates scramble to campaign in the midst of a pandemic, teachers gear up for a long school shutdown, and scammers try to exploit an already bad situation.

Cris Jacobs

Cris Jacobs had just started streaming from his phone, duct taped to a music stand in his basement in Reisterstown.

“What’s up everybody,” Jacobs asked. Normally at a gig that would have been met by whoops and applause. This time, Jacobs heard nothing.

Jamyla Krempel

New policies and restrictions, updated case numbers, notifications about the presence, or absence, of resources: every day, every hour, new information is released about the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it's having on people's lives abroad, and here in Maryland. It can be overwhelming. 

We're providing answers to some of the most common questions being asked in our state. 

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As public school systems across Maryland are closed at least until the end of next week to stem the rise of the novel coronavirus, parents and guardians are trying to figure out how to feed, educate and provide for their students. 

This list contains school meal sites in WYPR's immediate listening area, as well as statewide resources.


Gov. Larry Hogan took unprecedented action by closing all bars, eat-in restaurants, movie theatres and gyms starting at 5 p.m. Monday in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect public health.

“We should continue to expect the number of cases to dramatically and rapidly rise. We have never faced anything like this before,” Hogan said. “This is going to be worse than almost anyone is currently understanding.”


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Public Health

Mar 13, 2020

WYPR reporters ask questions that matter in our communities. Mary Rose Madden and Rachel Baye asked in their most recent story, "What are the health implications of living near millions of chickens?" Support curiosity-based journalism by donating to WYPR today!


Perry Hall Community Walk

Mar 12, 2020

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David Sedaris

Mar 12, 2020

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Baltimore City Voter Poll

Mar 11, 2020

WYPR, in collaboration with the Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore, recently released the results of a third-party poll in advance of the upcoming primary elections. WYPR was able to fund this independent poll of Baltimore City voters because of the support of our members. Make a commitment to independent research and journalism with a gift today. #WYPRSpringDrive2020 https://donate.nprstations.org/wypr/wypr-main-form

Baltimore City Voter Poll

Mar 11, 2020

WYPR, in collaboration with the Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore, recently released the results of a third-party poll in advance of the upcoming primary elections. WYPR was able to fund this independent poll of Baltimore City voters because of the support of our members. Make a commitment to independent research and journalism with a gift today. #WYPRSpringDrive2020 https://donate.nprstations.org/wypr/wypr-main-form

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Mar 11, 2020

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Mar 10, 2020

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Mar 10, 2020

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Baltimore's Story

Mar 10, 2020

WYPR shares new perspectives on Baltimore's story. Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick discover Baltimore with a new lens through their show, Out of the Blocks, by covering one block, everybody's story. Support Baltimore storytelling with a gift to WYPR today! #WYPRSpringDrive2020 


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Mar 9, 2020

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Almost 40% of Democratic primary voters say they’re unsure who they’ll pick to become the next Baltimore City Council President. But among those who say they have decided, Delegate Nick Mosby has a nine-point advantage, a new poll released by WYPR, the Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore finds. 

Mosby enjoyed 26% support in the poll, followed by former City Councilman Carl Stokes with 17%.

Jamyla Krempel / WYPR

A new WYPR, The Baltimore Sun and University of Baltimore poll finds Shelia Dixon narrowly ahead in the crowded Democratic Baltimore mayoral primary, and Delegate Nick Mosby leading the City Council President race. The poll results show a large pool of undecided voters in both races.

Poe Theatre on the Air - The Oval Portrait

Mar 2, 2020

When obsession meets the creative impulse, it becomes almost impossible to know when to stop. Art should imitate life, not death. Meanwhile, it’s becoming clear that the kindly Dr. Mallard has somewhat of a mean streak in him.

Frank Hamilton

Baltimore-based musician Dan Deacon has evolved substantially in both the scope and ambition of his artistic endeavors since his breakout 2007 album Spiderman of the Rings. In this episode, he talks about how Pee-Wee Herman helped indirectly cultivate his interest in being a performer, Lightning Bolt changing how he thought about music, and the technical influence Daft Punk had on his vocal style.