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Maryland Roadmap to Recovery

The Daily Dose 9-8-20

Sep 8, 2020

The virtual schoolyear has officially started in Maryland. Baltimore County has suffered more unemployment than anywhere else in the state. And a federal moratorium on evictions gives renters a reprieve for the rest of 2020.

The Daily Dose 9-4-20

Sep 4, 2020
U.S. Navy (CC BY 2.0)

As we head into Labor Day weekend, Maryland is now in phase three of Governor Hogan’s COVID-19 reopening plan. But what businesses and venues are open and how many people are allowed to gather depends on where you live. And the CDC said this week that they expect a vaccine to be distributed to medical professionals by the first half of November, but will it be safe? And how will it coincide with the start of flu season?

The Daily Dose 9-2-20

Sep 2, 2020

The details on Phase 3 of Maryland’s Roadmap to Recovery, the latest on eviction moratoriums, nationally and locally, and a conversation with the president of Baltimore’s Coppin State University, one of the few colleges in Maryland welcoming students back to campus.

The Daily Dose 9-1-20

Sep 1, 2020
Rachel Baye/WYPR

Governor Hogan says Maryland is ready for Phase 3 of reopening. The Maryland State Board of Education backs off its deadline for schools to increase live online instruction time. Baltimore County offers increased pay to lure more needed election judges. And a healthcare workers’ union rep talks about the need for safe and fair working conditions during the pandemic.

The Daily Dose 7-30-20

Jul 30, 2020
Baltimore County

The head of Baltimore County’s Health Department tests positive for COVID-19. The Census Bureau urges residents to be counted in Baltimore City, where response rates are low. Coronavirus cases are spiking in Baltimore. And Governor Hogan puts the brakes on Maryland’s Road Map to Recovery.

The Daily Dose 7-29-20

Jul 29, 2020
Baltimore County Police Department

Governor Hogan hits pause on Maryland’s reopening plans. The call gets louder for an all mail-in ballot this November. Things got heated in debate over police reforms at a Baltimore County Council public. And environmental activists say a Baltimore City incinerator is a public health threat.

The Daily Dose 7-20-20

Jul 20, 2020
Seth Sawyers/flickr

City schools announce a virtual reopening, and Baltimore County school employees are calling for the same. Maryland is officially into phase two of its COVID-19 recovery plan, but residents aren’t all so quick to embrace the relaxed restrictions. Plus, an update on Baltimore’s rental assistance program.

The Daily Dose 6-19-20

Jun 19, 2020

Baltimore City’s Mayor is easing restrictions and allowing more businesses to open. In-person summer school is off the table for Baltimore County kids. And, with enhanced safety measures, hospitals are getting back to business, but not quite business as usual.

The Daily Dose 6-12-20

Jun 12, 2020

A look at efforts underway for reforming police departments across Maryland. Plus, some important headlines on assisted living facilities. And, as many of the state’s jurisdictions moved into Phase Two of Governor Hogan’s reopening plan today, we'll tell you what’s open this weekend, and with what limitations.

The Daily Dose 6-11-20

Jun 11, 2020
Associated Press/Jeff Chiu, File

A look into the details of Stage II of Maryland’s recovery plan: Is there a difference between what’s legal and what’s safe? Plus: How’s the job hunt going for Maryland’s 700,000 unemployed? And The Pro Bono Counseling Project offers free mental health services in a time of tumult.

The Daily Dose 6-10-20

Jun 10, 2020

The Daily Dose 6-3-20

Jun 3, 2020

Maryland’s Governor will be lifting more restrictions as he moves the state into Phase II of it’s reopening plan. State elections board officials are on the defensive because of Baltimore’s problems with its first-ever mail-in balloting. And as America’s racial inequalities play out in protests across the nation, a local community conflict resolution leader says you can’t just address the symptoms.

The Daily Dose 5-27-20

May 27, 2020

A special late-breaking edition of the podcast: Governor Hogan says the state is ready to expand Stage 1 of reopening. Plus, a photographer gives local high school seniors a reason to show off their prom outfits. And Baltimore’s YouthWorks summer program adapts to place young job-seekers in online jobs.

The Daily Dose 5-14-20

May 14, 2020

Maryland is on the eve of its first stage of reopening. The mayor of Baltimore says its COVID-19 curve has not been sufficiently flattened. And the Baltimore County Council is trying to hold off on making massive budget cuts.