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Melissa Gerr with Jamyla Krempel

Does the commandment ‘Love Your Neighbor’ ask that we show the same level of kindness and consideration to a stranger ... as we do to a friend? Does it implore action … or intention? … does that matter? We ask philosopher and theologian Rabbi Shai Held his thoughts about the weighty mandate … Then, we ask some of our Baltimore neighbors what they think it means to love your neighbor.

Rabbi Shai Held is scholar-in-residence at Beth Am Synagogue Fri-Sun Nov. 15-17. All events are open to the public, for more information visit this link.

"A Real Whole Lot" Facebook Page

Baltimore native Phil Kane enlisted in the Army in 1941. During WWII, he sent hundreds of letters home to his new bride, Jack. We hear their love story from their daughter, Jacqueline Kane, who collected their letters in the book, "A Real Whole Lot".

Gormley Gallery and Theresa Clower

Artist Theresa Clower lost her son Devin to an opioid overdose. To cope with the loss, she created in graphite a portrait of him, that felt like connecting with him. Then she reached out to 40 other families bereaved by addiction, and made portraits of the loved ones they had lost. She tells us about her exhibit ‘Into Light: Through Art, Honoring Those Who Have Died From Drug Addiction.’ She talks about her process, how it helped manage her grief and why creating this body of work was so important to her. 

For information about the local exhibit at Gormley Gallery at Notre Dame University Maryland, visit this link.

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Jerlene Boyd has lived in the west Baltimore neighborhood of Boyd-Booth since JFK was president.. One of the greatest scourges the neighborhood has ever faced, the 80-year-old says, is the “real eyesore and nose sore” of illegal dumping in vacant lots. 

Now, a lot at 50 S. Pulaski St. once infamously known as a ground for dumping has been transformed into a lush green space – big, bright and welcoming, with a smatter of trees.

At the end of a long summer’s day in 2003, a young Shannon Mullaney was driving home along the Jones Falls Expressway, looking forward to dinner. When—Screech! Accident! She got out of her car to meet the driver of the other car. Minutes later they found themselves at the bar next to one another at a tavern off of Exit 10. They got married. And then divorced. She said she lost the guy but still had the story. So do we.

Something unusual was going on in Baltimore’s Penn station on the afternoon of July 25, 1943.  In the frenetic war years, the station was an around- the-clock scene of soldiers and sailors arriving and departing and loved ones greeting with hugs of welcome or farewell. But today was different—there was a wedding planned! In the station! A wedding like no other in the history of the armed forces of the United States….

Love of Lit!

Apr 26, 2019

Calling all avid readers, accomplished writers, or those aspiring to be: we talk to the director of the City Lit Festival director, Carla Du Pree, about festival highlights and hear about her goals for the daylong event. Plus, we meet podcaster Eliza Romero, to hear her thoughts on changes to required high school reading.

For more information about Cit Lit Festival, visit this link.

Love Stories

Nov 19, 2018

A man returns from prison to renew his vows with his wife. Young fiancés try to convince immigration that their marriage plans are legit. Old acquaintances cross paths and get flirty. A woman pines for her ex, even though he leaves her fearing for her life. Two women fall in love and raise a son. A hairstylist shares advice for women whose men aren’t doing right. A couple falls in love on the dance floor and opens a restaurant called, El Merengue. A Japanese woman and her Caucasian husband celebrate ‘hapa’ culture. And two men share what it meant for them to get their marriage license.

Today is a special jazz edition of On the Record, hosted by Andy Bienstock. 

Alexander Jarman tells us about founding the Baltimore Kissa Society, a monthly jazz ‘vinyl record’ listening party, and DJ Mills, whose skills can be heard at the Otto Bar, the Crown, and at Normals Books and Records, gives us a taste of what he’ll be offering this month at ‘A Night of Latin Jazz.’

For more information about Baltimore Kissa Society's 'A Night of Latin Jazz,' visit this link.