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Inspiring Moments

Shannon’s Strength Shines Through!

Oct 1, 2019

At Kennedy Krieger Institute, Shannon gets the treatment she needs to stay healthy and start her journey towards medical school. Listen to her physical therapist Chris Joseph talk about how Shannon, despite having osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, is charting a path forward to realizing her dream of being a neonatologist. 

Carrying The Message To Others

Sep 4, 2019

Imagine losing your father to an incurable genetic disorder when you are just a child and then finding out that you carry the same genetic condition that could be passed on to your kids, and effect your life, too.  Listen to how Taylor, now a young woman, has turned her personal adversity into advocacy for research for a cure and inspiration to others to never give up.

Changing The Course For A Positive Impact

Aug 7, 2019
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Adverse experiences in a child’s younger years often have negative impact on that child’s future, but with proper help, there is hope.  

Listen to Dan Hoover share the story of Da’quan who realized that with support and assistance from his foster family and caring therapy from his therapists at the Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress at Kennedy Krieger Institute, he could have a bright future, despite his early traumatic experiences. 

Kwami's Success Story

Jul 3, 2019

Seventeen years after Miss Debbie, a foster parent, took a chance on a 10 year-old boy who had been to 11 different foster placements. Today that same young man is now a father and husband himself, and helps other potential foster parents understand boys like he once was.

Conquering Pain

Jun 5, 2019
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“We got our Jackie back!”  That was the sentiment of Jackie’s parents after their daughter had been treated for chronic pain at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Clinic. With an interdisciplinary team approach to treatment, Jackie learned how to manage her pain and to get back to the things she loves.  

Adaptive Sports Makes a Positive Impact on Samantha

May 1, 2019
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Gerry Herman, co-director of the Bennett Institute for Physically Challenged Sports Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute, shares how Samantha went from being a shy six-year-old when she first started in the program to a confident, 17-year-old accomplished athlete who is going to college on a scholarship to play wheelchair basketball.   

Brilliant at Chess, Champion in Life!

Apr 3, 2019
Kennedy Krieger

Yuva is a nationally-ranked chess player, an excellent student and a scientific researcher who also has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Hear how he inspires Dr. Kathryn Wagner, his physician at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s center for muscle disorders, with his remarkable tenacity, fortitude and drive and by the contributions he’s making to research for new treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Once the Patient, Now the Teacher

Mar 1, 2019
Kennedy Krieger

Dr. Beth Slomine shares a story about Amy Dykes, a former patient who had a large tumor removed from her brain when she was 18.  Now fully recovered, Amy applies the lessons she learned as a patient to teaching students with learning differences at Kennedy Krieger’s Fairmount school.

Rare Determination

Jan 9, 2019
Kennedy Krieger

Hear how Kristin, and her mom, refused to except dire prognoses about Kristin’s medical challenges and went on to defy the limitations that others predicted.

Bringing the world together for a cure

Dec 6, 2018
Kennedy Krieger

At this holiday season, we are inspired by two families who have joined together, from different corners of the globe, to combat the rare disease afflicting their children. Leslie Marsiglia from Kennedy Krieger’s philanthropy group shares how the McGinns from the D.C. area, and the Fergusons from New Zealand, have partnered to raise money to help Kennedy Krieger Institute find a cure for LBSL, the potentially fatal genetic disorder that both Ellie and Marco are battling.

Kennedy Krieger

Making the Leap from School to Work

Oct 3, 2018
Kennedy Krieger

Aaron Parsons, vice president of special education at Kennedy Krieger Schools, shares his pride and excitement about Lauryn, a young woman who has successfully made the transition from special education student to committed, hard-working intern through a special program called Project SEARCH that trains young people with special needs to enter the workforce.

Determination and Defying the Odds!

Sep 5, 2018

Dr. Erin Michael, with Kennedy Krieger’s International Center for Spinal Cord Injury recounts her experiences with Jerry, an inspiring patient who defies the odds by competing as part of Team Kennedy Krieger in the 26.2 mile, handcycling marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival. Go Jerry!

Opening up the World!

Aug 1, 2018

Dr. Jen Reesman from the Kennedy Krieger Deafness Evaluation and More clinic shares a story about Dr. Danielle Previ, a Kennedy Krieger trainee, PhD and graduate of Gallaudet University who is deaf and inspires patients who are also deaf or hard of hearing, and their families, by being a living example of all that can be accomplished.

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An Injured Boy’s Best Friend

Jul 4, 2018

Sherry Fisher, a Kennedy Krieger Institute child life and therapeutic recreation special programs staff member, shares a special memory of how the affection and attention of a therapy dog made a long hospital stay better for a Native American boy far from home, and his family.

Children are the Best Teachers!

Jun 6, 2018

A staff member from Kennedy Krieger’s PACT Therapeutic Day Care Center tells how an apprehensive new staff member learned a valuable life lesson from a little boy who refused to be limited by his disability.

Celebrating Nurses

May 2, 2018

We’re honoring Nurses Week with one of thousands of stories about our patients and their families as told by nurse Lisa Trotta, who works in our hospital and cares for children with brain, spinal cord and other serious neurological injuries. Lisa has been a nurse at Kennedy Krieger Institute for more than 30 years. Michael was a seriously injured 12 year old boy who was determined to recover and get back to his life. Lisa and Michael’s care team were determined to help. It’s children like Michael, and their families, that inspire us every day.

We salute all nurses, and especially those who care for children. Thank you for all you do.

A Child’s Hopes Realized

Apr 4, 2018

April is Autism Awareness Month where we honor and recognize the millions of children, families and individuals around the world who are impacted by autism.

Ben’s Basketball Dreams

Mar 7, 2018

A brain injury can happen to a child in a matter of seconds, changing their life forever. Dr. Stacy Suskauer from Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery shares a story about Ben, a boy whose life changed in an instant at the age of 10 when a car struck the bike he was riding. Hear how Ben was determined to play a sport he loves again, and have a college life, despite a traumatic brain injury.

Turning adversity into advocacy

Feb 7, 2018

Greg is a young adult who, as a teen, was diagnosed at Kennedy Krieger with a rare, currently incurable, neurogenetic disorder. Greg has turned his adversity into motivation to help others.

Dr. Ali Fatemi, Director of Kennedy Krieger’s Division of Neurogenetics, shares how Gregg is educating physicians about rare disorders like his and encouraging families to seek diagnoses from experts, like those at Kennedy Krieger.

Teaching the Teachers

Jan 22, 2018

Lisa Carey, a special education consultant with Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education, tells about a teacher from Baltimore City Schools who inspired her. She shares how she was reminded of why she loves her job of helping teachers learn ways to be even better teachers, especially for students who learn differently.

Doesn’t everyone eat?

Dec 6, 2017

Having a child with a feeding disorder can be especially difficult during the holidays. Dr. Peter Girolami from Kennedy Krieger’s feeding disorders program tells about one mom’s worries about how to help her daughter overcome her feeding challenges.

The Kindness of Strangers

Nov 8, 2017

Dr. Joan Carney, head of Kennedy Krieger’s specialized transition program shares a poignant story of compassion and gratitude from one wounded family to another.

A story of a father who had suffered painful loss selflessly helping a fellow parent through a difficult time.

With the Odds Against Her, Morgan Danced

Oct 24, 2017

In recognition of October as ADHD Awareness Month, Dr. Mary Leppert from Kennedy Krieger’s Infant Neurodevelopmental Center describes how little Morgan, born premature at only 26 weeks gestation, overcomes the challenges of ADHD and cerebral palsy and goes on to thrive in academics, dancing and life.

Overcoming Fear

Sep 27, 2017

In honor of National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness month, Kennedy Krieger Institute physical therapist, Beth Farrell tells a story of her first experience working with a teenager who had a recent spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. Beth shares how she overcame her own fears to help him and his family embrace hope, and how his recovery and life has inspired her optimism in working with other patients.

Autism is No Match for Jake

Aug 30, 2017
Zach Chisholm/flickr

Kelly Anastaci, a special educator at Kennedy Krieger’s Montgomery County School, tells Dr. Lana Warren about a student who refuses to be limited by his diagnosis with autism spectrum disorder and how he is helping others understand those with autism better. 

Overcoming Trauma

Jul 26, 2017

Kennedy Krieger pediatric trauma therapist Emily Driscoll-Roe shares an inspiring story about a young girl whom she helped overcome the effects of bullying and trauma, and how the girl's resilience and positive attitude inspired her.

Laughter Shines Through

Jun 28, 2017
Kiyonobu Ito/flickr

This month, Dr. Lana Warren speaks with Dr. Michelle Melicosta about a young boy with a rare disease and the heartwarming moment when she realizes his charming personality is still able to shine through.