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Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine

Fall Food

Sep 15, 2019

As September bring us shorter days and cooler nights, Tony and Chef Cindy spend the hour talking about what they are looking forward to most from the fall harvest. They explore some delicious recipes for mushrooms, chestnuts, peppers and Cindy’s personal favorite – Apple Cider!


Love the food and wine of Spain? Ever dream of visiting the unique and beautiful regions where these products are made? This week we bring you stories and insights from a wine producer and importer with intimate knowledge of Spain’s history, geography and culture, Jorge Ordóñez. Jorge hails from this diverse wine-producing country and joins us in studio to give a virtual tour of his home – region by region.


This week Tony and Chef Cindy soak up the remaining sweet moments of summer with ideas for the last of your tomatoes and eggplants. Tony dishes out an introduction to British pub culture and malt whiskey.

On today's episode, Chef Wolf and Tony dive into the world of fried foods. They also discuss what drinks go well with fried cuisine. 


Tony and Chef Cindy talk about that moment in the weekend when you decide to take the rest of the day off...brunch!


Hungry? In a rush? We’ve got some ideas for quick meals. From Chef Cindy’s egg breakfast to Tony’s blackened chicken dinner, tune in for tips on how to eat well while sticking to your busy schedule.


Aug 4, 2019

We may not be loving the sweltering summer heat, but our local tomatoes sure are! Tony and Chef Cindy devote this live episode to the fantastic fruit and turn the airwaves over to you to share your favorite ways to enjoy tomatoes.

Can't get any time off work to take that dream vacation? Travel to your favorite location while never leaving your kitchen! Tony and Chef Cindy discuss the dishes and dinners they would make to replicate the feeling of some of their favorite travel destinations. We also hear from Wolfgang Raifer of Colterenzio in the Alto Adige region of Italy. Wolfgang tells us about the history and production process of the wines made on their picturesque estate.

This is a re-broadcast. 

Beat The Heat

Jul 21, 2019

Oof. It’s hot out! Tony and Chef Cindy cool down in the studio and take your calls to share advice on how to prepare some fantastic food without making the house hotter than it already is.

Food Media

Jul 14, 2019

Did you grow watching Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet on TV? Are you the type of person who can’t resist pulling out your phone to snap a picture of the delicious dish that just landed at the table? On this week’s episode Tony and Chef Cindy take a look at the ever-changing landscape of food media. They take your calls and chat with accomplished food photographer Scott Suchman about his approach to capturing the best side of a plate.


Trying to define American food can be as difficult as trying to define American music. It is inherently a tapestry of many different cultures, stories and traditions. On this live episode, Tony and Chef Cindy open up the phone lines to find out what American food means to you.



Tony and Chef Wolf take a 30,000 foot view of the last 20 years in the wine industry and learn about micro-distilling with Dwight Chew from James River Distillery. Plus, pineapple makes an appearance in this week's Chef Challenge.

Tony and Chef Cindy discuss what to pack for your picnic. And Cindy tells us how she makes pickles!


As summer approaches, we take a look at some of our favorite goodies that come along with the season through interviews with three summer sustenance experts. Erik Oosterwijk of Fells Point Wholesale Meats shares his favorite cuts for the grill, David Alima from The Charmery takes us on a deep dive into his wild world of ice cream and Lisa Godfrey of Godfrey’s Farm tells us about the delicious peaches and corn to come down on the eastern shore.

This week’s episode is all about the Chef’s Challenge. Tony and Chef Cindy go toe-to-toe to see what dishes they can cook up with a list of mystery ingredients. They take listener challenges as well that spin of some delicious and sometimes down-right strange culinary concoctions.

Today's episode is all about expressing your feelings through food and feeling comfort from food. Plus, a Chef's Challenge that runs off the trail.

This is a rebroadcast. 

This week Tony and Chef Wolf are taking on the grill: Meat, seafood, marinades, sauces, and what to drink with your grilled goodness.

This is a rebroadcast. 

On this live episode Tony and Chef Cindy address some frequently asked food and wine questions. Later in the show they are joined in studio by Eva Dehlinger, the General Manager of Dehlinger Winery in the heart of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma California. Eva tells us about her experience growing up in a winemaking family and gives insight into her process as she carries on the Dehlinger legacy.

Tony and Chef honor the mom's that make this day special.

Tony and Chef Cindy discuss the various rating systems that rank the best restaurants, wines, travel destinations and more. They will also share some of their top ranked dining experiences.

Tony and Chef Cindy explore the differences and similarities between French and Italian cuisine. They take your calls and emails about your favorite travels, dishes and memories of these two distinctive and storied regions.

On the menu this week: Baked ham, chocolate bunnies, lamb and the fixings we've come to expect on Easter and spring tables. Plus Chef Wolf and Tony Foreman share some picks for wine and desserts.

As things are in bloom around the radio station here in Charles Village, we turn our conversation to the signs of spring. What tasty treats come to mind when you think of this fruitful season? We take listener questions and comments about asparagus, soft shell crabs, ramps and more as we launch into one of our favorite times of the year.

French Fare

Apr 10, 2019

Bonjour! This is an episode for all the Francophiles out there. Tony and Chef Cindy take your questions and comments all about French food and wine. We get into bread, butter, Bordeaux, beef bourguignon and a bunch more.

This week, Tony and Chef Cindy take a look at having fun and cooking well on a budget. They’ll give ideas for some delicious egg dishes to all the way to Cindy’s one pot gumbo  - with inexpensive wines to match. 

With the first day of spring behind us, Tony and Chef Cindy take time to talk about all the things we are looking forward to in this bountiful season. We take your calls and emails as we explore the food fantasies that spring awakens within us. Plus, an adventurous caller tries to ask Chef about lamb fries. . .

Tony and Chef Cindy go live to take your questions and comments on this St. Patrick’s Day edition of Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine.

In the second half of the show, we hear from JP McMahon of EATGalway Restaurant Group, a true expert of Irish cooking both past and present. McMahon’s Aniar Restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 2013, and his Tartare Café + Wine Bar received a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Award for 2019. He is also the author of Cava Bodega Cookbook - Tapas: A Taste of Spain in Ireland and the forthcoming 10,000 Years of Irish Cooking. JP McMahon joins us for some Irish culinary history, recipes and traditions on this week’s live show.

On this live episode of Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine, Tony and Chef Cindy take your calls and emails about your personal holy grail of cooking. We hear all about the dishes you’ve been wanting to take on but that always prove too difficult or daunting and Tony and Cindy do their best to help you attain success on your cuisine quest.

American Food

Mar 3, 2019

This week, Tony Foreman and Chef Wolf discuss American food and the broad range of influences on American cuisine. And as always, there's a Chef Challenge! 


Hungry? In a rush? We’ve got some ideas for quick meals. From Chef Cindy’s egg breakfast to Tony’s blackened chicken dinner, tune in for tips on how to eat well while sticking to your busy schedule.