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Feb 9, 2020

Beans are a great source of nutrition and a versatile element in delicious dishes spanning many cultures and time periods. On this live episode, Tony and Chef Cindy are joined by Joe Yonan, the two-time James Beard Award-winning food and dining editor of The Washington Post. In his newest book Cool Beans, Joe shows how beans can save you from boring dinners, lunches, breakfasts–and even desserts. Joe chats with Tony and Chef Wolf and we take your comments about your favorite bean preperations.

Hit And Flops

Feb 2, 2020

The road to great success if often paved by some spectacular failures. On this live episode Tony and Chef Wolf ask you to share some of your greatest cooking triumphs and confess some of your most humbling disasters...cue the sound of blaring smoke alarms!

Food Converts

Jan 26, 2020

Are you a card-carrying member of the ‘Clean Plate Club’? When you were a kid, did someone make you eat all your veggies? And were those veggies maybe not the freshest or not prepared deliciously? We can relate. On this live episode, Tony and Chef Wolf hear from you about foods that traumatized you and how you have learned to love that food.


The frigid winter weather is here and our hearts and stomachs are craving those cozy comfort dishes to warm us up. Tony and Chef Cindy share recipes perfect for the season, with an eye toward health – soup, polenta, risotto, roasted veggies...and they might just sneak a bacon wrapped beef tenderloin in there.

This week, we get a primer on Oregon wine and the explosion in polarity and quality of American Pinot Noir from Susan Glass of Tenth Harvest. Then, Tony chats with Jane Marion, Food and Dining Editor for Baltimore Magazine and co-host of the Local Flavor Live podcast, about her career in food journalism and her approach to reviewing restaurants.


What makes a salad, a salad? In this week's episode, Tony and Chef Wolf describe the various types of salad, give a tutorial on how to make a basic vinaigrette, and share what wines to pair with salad. And stay tuned for a Chef's salad challenge.

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This week it's all about Champagne. Tony and Chef Cindy cover the basics of this beloved bubbly beverage and get some history from Rich Buchanan of Moët Hennessy.

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Tony and Chef Cindy continue last week’s theme where we hear all the best things you ate and drank in 2019. 

Best Of 2019

Dec 15, 2019

Tony and Chef Cindy open up the phone lines on this live episode to hear the best thing you ate or drank this year. From tripe to a spicy chicken sandwich, we’ve got your best of 2019 lists on Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine.


Dec 9, 2019

With the holiday season upon us, Tony and Chef Cindy speak with listeners about their favorite ways to spoil themselves. Weather you indulge with a simple hot chocolate or a fancy lobster tail, this episode is all about treating yourself.

This week on "Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine" it's all about breakfast: eggs, pancakes, pork, grits, and a Chef's Challenge.


Tony and Chef Cindy take your calls and emails about Thanksgiving traditions, help with recipes and the things we look forward to on this fall holiday. Plus – Thanksgiving wine recommendations!

This week, Tony and Chef Cindy take a look at having fun and cooking well on a budget. They’ll give ideas for some delicious egg dishes to all the way to Cindy’s one pot gumbo  - with inexpensive wines to match. 

Tony and Chef Cindy go live to get an early start on Thanksgiving prep. Which, it so happens, is one of their biggest pieces of advice – start early! They take your calls for recipe help, turkey triumphs and dinner disasters.


Artisanal. Local. Free Range. Small Batch. Our markets get saturated with these buzz words. Some of these trends reflect the smart progress we’ve made with our foods and some are just that, trends. Tony and Chef Cindy take a look at trends past and present as well as some predictions for the future - and how we should not always be concerned with what’s new as much as what’s good.


Tony and Chef Wolf give some advice on beef braising, cuts, production, plus what to drink with red meat. And a Chef's Challenge, of course!

This is an encore episode. 

On this live episode, Tony and Chef Cindy hear from listeners about the best dish that they make at home and the foods they turn to for comfort on a rainy day. We hear about a simple but delicious bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, spicy lentil soup and tasty tamales.

As the weather begins to chill, Tony and Chef Cindy talk about soups and the challenge of matching them with wine. We hear from Eva Dehlinger of Dehlinger Winery about her favorite soup and wine pairings.

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Fall Markets

Oct 11, 2019

As we wind down into the last quarter of the year, the local markets are still rich with wonderful products. Tony and Chef Cindy go live to talk about what is exciting them about this fall market season and they open the phone lines to hear what you are looking forward to this time of year.

Fall Fruit

Sep 29, 2019

Tony has a theory. . .there is nothing you can do to a good pear that will make it taste better than it does in its natural raw state. He and Chef Cindy run with this idea and open up the phone lines to get your opinions on pear preparations, apple recipes and your favorite fruits that you think are best when simply eaten as is. 

In The Kitchen

Sep 26, 2019
Left: Mike Morgan Photography | Right: therealtonyforeman/instagram

For many of us, the kitchen is a safe and loving place to connect with our family and friends. This week Tony and Chef Cindy go live to share some of their most meaningful kitchen moments and hear what shared time in the kitchen has meant to you and those closest to you.

Fall Food

Sep 15, 2019

As September bring us shorter days and cooler nights, Tony and Chef Cindy spend the hour talking about what they are looking forward to most from the fall harvest. They explore some delicious recipes for mushrooms, chestnuts, peppers and Cindy’s personal favorite – Apple Cider!


Love the food and wine of Spain? Ever dream of visiting the unique and beautiful regions where these products are made? This week we bring you stories and insights from a wine producer and importer with intimate knowledge of Spain’s history, geography and culture, Jorge Ordóñez. Jorge hails from this diverse wine-producing country and joins us in studio to give a virtual tour of his home – region by region.


This week Tony and Chef Cindy soak up the remaining sweet moments of summer with ideas for the last of your tomatoes and eggplants. Tony dishes out an introduction to British pub culture and malt whiskey.

On today's episode, Chef Wolf and Tony dive into the world of fried foods. They also discuss what drinks go well with fried cuisine. 


Tony and Chef Cindy talk about that moment in the weekend when you decide to take the rest of the day off...brunch!


Hungry? In a rush? We’ve got some ideas for quick meals. From Chef Cindy’s egg breakfast to Tony’s blackened chicken dinner, tune in for tips on how to eat well while sticking to your busy schedule.


Aug 4, 2019

We may not be loving the sweltering summer heat, but our local tomatoes sure are! Tony and Chef Cindy devote this live episode to the fantastic fruit and turn the airwaves over to you to share your favorite ways to enjoy tomatoes.

Can't get any time off work to take that dream vacation? Travel to your favorite location while never leaving your kitchen! Tony and Chef Cindy discuss the dishes and dinners they would make to replicate the feeling of some of their favorite travel destinations. We also hear from Wolfgang Raifer of Colterenzio in the Alto Adige region of Italy. Wolfgang tells us about the history and production process of the wines made on their picturesque estate.

This is a re-broadcast. 

Beat The Heat

Jul 21, 2019

Oof. It’s hot out! Tony and Chef Cindy cool down in the studio and take your calls to share advice on how to prepare some fantastic food without making the house hotter than it already is.