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Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine

Spain 101

Oct 7, 2018

Love the food and wine of Spain? Ever dream of visiting the unique and beautiful regions where these products are made? This week we bring you stories and insights from a wine producer and importer with intimate knowledge of Spain’s history, geography and culture, Jorge Ordóñez. Jorge hails from this diverse wine-producing country and joins us in studio to give a virtual tour of his home – region by region.

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It is one of the most efficient and cost effective (not to mention delicious!) ways to get your protein. This week it’s all about beans. Tony and Chef Cindy explore what is and isn’t a bean, they share some recipes and chat Ian Seletsky of Richfield Farms in Carrol County, MD. Ian grows a variety of beans on his farm and shares some first-hand insights on these lovely legumes.


Tony and Chef Wolf give advice on what to serve at your next cocktail party--and how to prepare early and stress less. 

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Having friends and family over for a Sunday football game? Throwing one last BBQ blowout before the mercury drops? Need some help with managing the logistics of hosting? Tony and Chef Cindy go live to take your questions and comments when it comes to cooking for a crowd.

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Tony is just back from a “work” trip to France – visiting wineries and tasting with the producers. Chef Cindy quizzes Tony about his recent trip and gets him to share what insights can be gained from tasting the product with the people who make it, in the place that it is made. All of that plus a Chef’s Challenge on this week’s live episode.

Cheese (Encore)

Sep 2, 2018

This week, it's all cheese: cheese production, cheese history, cheese recipes, wine and cheese, and a cheesy chef's challenge!

Summer Brunch

Aug 28, 2018

Tony and Chef Cindy talk about that moment in the weekend when you decide to take the rest of the day off...brunch!

Quick Meals

Aug 26, 2018

Hungry? In a rush? We’ve got some ideas for quick meals. From Chef Cindy’s egg breakfast to Tony’s blackened chicken dinner, tune in for tips on how to eat well while sticking to your busy schedule.

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It’s open phones on this week’s episode. Tony and Chef Cindy take your calls and emails on everything from how to jazz up your instant ramen to how to care for a cast iron skillet. They also take your ingredient suggestions for the Chef Challenge. Tune in to find out what Tony does with a pound of butter and how Cindy handles a case of pilsner!

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Rose's popularity has exploded in recent years. Cindy tells us about her favorite rose and we hear from wine producers from Italy, France and Washington state.

Meals Abroad

Jul 23, 2018

It’s vacation season and Foreman and Wolf goes live to hear listener stories of the best meals you’ve had while traveling. From an email about fried crickets to a phone call that sends Tony and Chef Cindy into a battle over the right way to make a tomato sauce, it’s your questions and comments on Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine.

This week we’re turning the airwaves over to you to share your favorite food and travel stories. Tony and Chef Cindy take your calls and emails and share some of their favorite dining experiences while on the road.


Can't get any time off work to take that dream vacation? Travel to your favorite location while never leaving your kitchen! Tony and Chef Cindy discuss the dishes and dinners they would make to replicate the feeling of some of their favorite travel destinations. We also hear from Wolfgang Raifer of Colterenzio in the Alto Adige region of Italy. Wolfgang tells us about the history and production process of the wines made on their picturesque estate.

This is a re-broadcast. 


Whether it's cooking at the beach, grilling outside or packing food for a road trip, Tony and Chef Wolf have food and wine ideas for your outdoor adventures. 


This week’s episode is all about the beautiful bounty that our local treasure, the Chesapeake Bay, provides us. We hear from Rick Baxter of Baxter’s Soft Crabs in Easton, Maryland who tells us what makes a good soft shell crab and his favorite ways to eat them. Then, Tony and Chef Cindy talk oysters, fish and all the best beverages to go along with them. 


We had so much fun hearing from listeners on our last live “Best Meals” show that we decided to bring it back for round two! More of your stories about the best thing you ever ate. From eating Thiéboudienne in Senegal to squirrel in Baltimore, we turn the airwaves over to you on Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine.

Summer Vegetables

Jun 17, 2018

It's farmer's market season and Chef Wolf and Tony give us their list of favorite vegetables, and the ones that haunt them from childhood. Plus, wines to pair with your vegetables.

Best Meals-Live!

Jun 10, 2018

Foreman and Wolf goes live to take your calls and emails. This week, listeners tell about the best meal they ever had. From dumplings in Hong Kong to chile rellenos in New Mexico, your stories remind us that the experience we have and who we share it with is often as important as the food we eat.

Summer Foods

Jun 3, 2018
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As summer approaches, we take a look at some of our favorite goodies that come along with the season through interviews with three summer sustenance experts. Erik Oosterwijk of Fells Point Wholesale Meats shares his favorite cuts for the grill, David Alima from The Charmery takes us on a deep dive into his wild world of ice cream and Lisa Godfrey of Godfrey’s Farm tells us about the delicious peaches and corn to come down on the eastern shore.


May 27, 2018
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This week Tony and Chef Wolf are taking on the grill: Meat, seafood, marinades, sauces, and what to drink with your grilled goodness.

10 Things

May 21, 2018
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Tony and Chef Wolf share 10 things you need to know how to prepare, and the 10 things to know about wine terminology. 


This week is all about strawberries and whiskey! Strawberry season is here - Chef Cindy " Tony discuss how to prepare this local treat. The second segment is all about whiskey - a primer of sorts.

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As the long winter weather finally break, Tony and Chef Cindy take time to celebrate spring and all the exciting products that come along with the season. They invite two local chefs, Chris Amendola of Foraged and Steve Monnier of Chez Hugo Bisto, to share what they are looking forward to as the new season blooms.

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Warmer weather and sunshine mean....Asparagus! Tony and Chef Cindy discuss what to look for when buying asparagus, best preparation techniques and recipes. They interview local producer Lisa Godfrey of Godfrey's Farm in Sudlersville, MD to get her insights on asparagus.


Apr 24, 2018

This week, it's all cheese: cheese production, cheese history, cheese recipes, wine and cheese, and a cheesy chef's challenge!


Ever wonder how to get the dinner you make at home tasting and looking as good as it does in your favorite restaurant? Tony and Chef Cindy talk about the equipment, products and techniques the pros use and how you can get similar results in your kitchen. And as we dive into Spring, Tony gives a quick update on some Rosé essentials.


This week, Tony and Chef Cindy take a look at having fun and cooking well on a budget. They’ll give ideas for some delicious egg dishes to all the way to Cindy’s one pot gumbo  - with inexpensive wines to match. 

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On the menu this week: Baked ham, chocolate bunnies, lamb and the fixings we've come to expect on Easter and spring tables. Plus Chef Wolf and Tony Foreman share some picks for wine and desserts.

This week, Chef Cindy gets a barrel full of wine info out of Tony. Everything from how long a wine should stay in the cellar to whether or not it should be decanted at the table. We also hear from Pepe Raventos from Raventos i Blanc, a sparkling wine producer in Catalonia. He tells us why his region makes such special Conca, and what they are doing to preserve the area’s rich historical and environmental value.


On this Pledge Drive edition of Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine, it’s a cocktail party! Tony and Chef Cindy share some ideas and recipes for the booze and food you need to keep your guests in high spirits. They will also give some tips on party logistics to keep the flow moving and easy to navigate so you spend less time worrying  and more time enjoying relaxing with your friends and neighbors.