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One of the great bonuses of documenting Baltimore is that we happen across lots of incredible kitchens. This episode is our love letter to all the hard-working cooks behind the pots and pans and fryers and grills in those kitchens, to the food they make, and to the personality they put into every dish. 


Last week I shared my culinary memories of my trip to Spain, and the week before that Jerry was talking about the grill. So this week we've decided to blend the two concepts and talk about something rather novel. And Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Schola Cooking School has figured out how to throw a Spanish classic on the barbie.

Click on the photo for recipe and instructions. 

Beer Brewing in Baltimore

Mar 19, 2014
The Natty Boh Tower in Brewer's Hill
Vox Efx / Flickr / Creative Commons

The story of beer brewing in Baltimore is the story of the city itself. Our brewing history can tell us when immigrants were coming over and charts the dominance of large beer companies in our country.