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The Daily Dose 4-27-20

Apr 27, 2020
Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II.

Why are Maryland nursing care facilities are being hit so hard by COVID-19? And what information are those facilities required to share? Plus: Heard of Zoom Bombing? A cyber-security expert shares tips for keeping online meetings safe from interlopers.

Ludovic Bertron

This month, we’re going to hear the story of someone who made a big personal decision, but quite late in life.  Autumn is a 61 year old trans-woman who transitioned just recently, after quietly struggling with her identity for decades…  We’ll hear how Autumn’s transition has impacted her work-life, her family relations, and her marriage.  Autumn’s personal story will also be the springboard for our larger conversation this hour about the unique, and often overlooked, challenges facing LGBT elders.