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Baltimore COVID-19 restrictions


Positive COVID-19 cases in Baltimore City are 23% lower than they were four weeks ago, according to the city’s COVID-19 dashboard

Meanwhile, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott urged city residents to stay safe by wearing masks, socially distancing and limiting indoor gatherings to people in the same household. 

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A series of new pandemic restrictions ordered by Mayor Brandon Scott in Baltimore, including the shuttering of indoor and outdoor dining, will go into effect at 5:00 p.m. Friday, as local hospitals approach capacity.

“Governor Hogan said yesterday that the state of Maryland is in red. No, we're on fire,” Scott said in a Friday morning news conference. “We have to understand the dire situation that we are in.”


Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced sweeping new COVID-19 restrictions Wednesday during his first press conference since being inaugurated.

The restrictions are the city’s toughest since March.

Standing in front of City Hall, Scott said hospitals will be overwhelmed with patients if the city does not act now.

“The health and safety of Baltimoreans is my top priority,” he said. “I will not waver or hesitate to make decisions that save lives in Baltimore.”

Brandon Scott announces new, sweeping Covid-19 restrictions for Baltimore. Also, a look at how the new mayor might confront longstanding citywide issues of crime and inequality. And in Baltimore County, a fractious school board votes in new leadership.

Baltimore Police Department

Our Newsmaker guest today is Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled businesses across the city and forced many to close, but it has had no appreciable effect on the number of murders in our city this year, which stands at 294 as of today.

Wednesday, the Baltimore Police Department announced the arrests of 14 people who are believed to have been involved in several car-jackings in the Northwest District.

And on October 29th, Judge James K. Bredar said in a quarterly hearing about the Consent Decree that, “there now is solid leadership in the Police Department, and there is beginning to flow real and substantial progress in achieving Consent Decree objectives.”... 

A spike in COVID-19 cases across the state prompts some jurisdictions to once again tighten restrictions, including Baltimore City. Baltimore County officials warn of renewed restrictions if residents don’t stay vigilant. And Governor Hogan calls on President Trump to accept that he’s lost the election.