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Woman and young girl outdoors with people in background
The First Five Years
Wednesdays at 4:32 pm

"The First Five Years" is a weekly program presented by Maryland Family Network.  The series is focused on the extraordinary developmental period from birth to age five. "The First Five Years" highlights the challenges and opportunities related to nurturing young children and helping them build a solid foundation for success in school and in life.


“The First Five Years” is made possible with major support from the M&T Charitable Foundation. 

You can listen to an archive of past episodes of "The First Five Years" here.

Latest Episodes
  • Spanking one's child is not only still common in our culture but also still legal in every U.S. state. It does far more harm than good so let's stop the spanking.
  • An apple a day may keep the doctor away but so can your child care provider. Learn more!
  • The 2021 Legislative Session was atypical to say the least. Despite the changes and challenges there were many victories for young children!
  • The New York Times reported that the monthly payments included in the Federal pandemic relief package could potentially lift millions of children out of poverty. Most surprising in the report is that the money could also greatly change children’s ability to learn
  • Babies are amazingly fast at picking up sign language because their brains are developing so quickly. But they need your help often to that or any other language.
  • Nearly half of parents surveyed report disagreeing with a child's grandparents about discipline, bedtimes, manners, and a number of other choices. Sometimes these arguments escalate to the point where grandparents have limited or no chance to spend time with the children. We have some tips on how to limit these conflicts for the good of the child.
  • What if your first name determined your success in life? Thankfully it's not that simple. We do one way to ensure a better chance at success -- quality child care and early learning opportunities.
  • There's never a good time to face an eviction. But if a mother is pregnant when she's evicted from her home, there can be a long lasting and devastating impact on the child.
  • The latest Federal relief package includes $39 billion for child care. That is really good news! But child care advocates have been calling for investments since the Nixon administration. When will regular substantive investments finally be made? (Photo by PeopleImages)
  • In 2018 Governor Hogan announced the Handle with Care program. This state-wide initiative has the goal of mitigating the effects of trauma on children and…